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Easy linux system management for schools
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acl Add IdPool helper methods
app Remove SambaUnixIdPool
config puavo-web: add puavoSshPublicKey attribute for user
db Seed an user without an email address
debian.default Add default changelog
doc Use ansible rules to build the packages
features Fix id test
lib web: move locales configuration to the puavo-web.yml file
public Remove OAuth code
rest Add even more details to sso login
script puavo-add-orwner: add new owner only if organisation isn't set to ski…
spec Merge jokor-mountpoint branch to the master
test/models rest: use yajl to parse json from fluent
vendor/assets/javascripts remove unused javascript files
.gitignore web: manually create worker keys
.gitmodules Drop submodules
COPYING Added licence
Gemfile Upgrade Gemfile.lock to fix http-gem issues
Gemfile.lock Upgrade Gemfile.lock to fix http-gem issues
Gemfile.shared Bind prawn
Makefile Add default changelog add server make tasks
Rakefile Make Rails 3 to boot
VERSION Version 0.10.0 fix results copy Add rails 3 files
cucumber.yml First commit
generic_test_helpers.rb Add puavoTimezone, puavoKeyboardLayout and puavoKeyboardVariant attri…
monkeypatches.rb web: better monkeypatch for schema cache
package.json Use Stylus instead of SASS

puavo-web & puavo-rest

Web interface and RESTful API server on top of OpenLDAP with Puavo schemas


Apply Ansible rules from puavo-standalone.

Clone this repository and install build dependencies

sudo make install-build-dep


Install required rubygems and build assets


Stop the puavo-standalone installed puavo-web server and start a development server

sudo stop puavo-web
make server

If you need to hack on the worker process

sudo stop puavo-web-worker
bundle exec rake resque:work QUEUE='*' VERBOSE=true

Access ActiveLdap console

bundle exec rails runner script/puavo-web-prompt.rb


cd rest

Install required rubygems


Stop the puavo-standalone installed puavo-rest server and start a development server

sudo stop puavo-rest
make server

or with a reloading server

bundle exec shotgun -o -p 9292

Access model console

bundle exec scripts/puavo-rest-prompt.rb
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