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acl web: acl test for commit: opinsys/puavo-ds@f7e8f87
app web: don't validate puavoExternalId if it's nil or empty
config web: more information of users list
db Seed an user without an email address
debian.default Update dependensies (redis-server)
doc Use ansible rules to build the packages
features Fix missing org issue in tests
import-tool import-tool: Lazy load username data
lib web: return false if new group management is not configure for organi…
public not using vanilla font-awesome
rest puavo-import-users: Clean up
script Script for removing owner of the all organisations
spec Merge jokor-mountpoint branch to the master
test/models rest: use yajl to parse json from fluent
vendor/assets/javascripts remove unused javascript files
.bash_node_modules Install JS tooling for new mass import tool
.eslintrc import-tool: Prevent unload during import
.gitignore Ignore emacs backup files
.gitmodules Drop submodules
COPYING Added licence
Gemfile import-tool: Configuration for transalations
Gemfile.lock Update rails and use version 0.12.0 of net-ldap gem. Version 0.13.0 (…
Gemfile.shared Update rails and use version 0.12.0 of net-ldap gem. Version 0.13.0 (…
Makefile import-tool: Drop hot mode add server make tasks
Rakefile Make Rails 3 to boot
VERSION Version 0.10.0 Force org refresh before tests Add rails 3 files
cucumber.yml First commit
generic_test_helpers.rb Fix org names...
monkeypatches.rb web: better monkeypatch for schema cache
package.json Use piecon by opinsys repo
webpack.config.js import-tool: Drop hot mode

puavo-web & puavo-rest

Web interface and RESTful API server on top of OpenLDAP with Puavo schemas


Apply Ansible rules from puavo-standalone.

Clone this repository and install build dependencies

sudo make install-build-dep


Install required rubygems and build assets


Stop the puavo-standalone installed puavo-web server and start a development server

sudo stop puavo-web
make server

If you need to hack on the worker process

sudo stop puavo-web-worker
bundle exec rake resque:work QUEUE='*' VERBOSE=true

Access ActiveLdap console

bundle exec rails runner script/puavo-web-prompt.rb


cd rest

Install required rubygems


Stop the puavo-standalone installed puavo-rest server and start a development server

sudo stop puavo-rest
make server

or with a reloading server

bundle exec shotgun -o -p 9292

Access model console

bundle exec scripts/puavo-rest-prompt.rb
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