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Corpus Description

The text of these drug labels were downloaded from DailyMed on Thursday October 3, 2019. They were identified using Established Product Class via URLs generated by the FDALabel version 2.4 (beta) API.

All drugs from the following Established Product Classes (EPC) were retrieved (permanent link to query):

  1. Opioid agonist EPC query permalink
  2. Opioid agonist/antagonist EPC query permalink
  3. Partial opioid agonist EPC query permalink
  4. Babiturate EPC query permalink
  5. Benzodiazepine EPC query permalink
  6. Central nervous system stimulant EPC query permalink

The corpus has 2,177 results as individual text files, stored in this ZIP archive (~50 MB). Each label is separated by filename stems, in 4 directories corresponding to the following classes:

Drug Class Filename Convention Number of Labels Earliest Year Latest Year
Barbiturates SPL_barbs#.txt 115 1976 2018
Benzodiazepines SPL_benzos#.txt 615 1963 2019
Opioids SPL_opioids#.txt 1,175 1926 2018
Stimulants SPL_stimulants#.txt 272 1943 2018

See detailed description here.

Pre-Licensed for Reuse

Creative Commons License
The Opioid Data Lab makes the corpus available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Modification and commercial use are allowed with attribution; please mention "Opioid Data Lab at" if using this file.

The original data from label data from FDA are Public Domain and Creative Commons Universal (CC0 1.0).

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