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v3.1.5, 2019.01.14

  • Improved parser

v3.1.4, 2019.01.14

  • Added support for static methods that are named using PHP keywords or magic constants. Ex: A::new(), A::use(), A::if(), A::function(), A::__DIR__(), etc.
  • Used @internal to mark classes & methods that are for internal use only and backward compatibility might be broken at some point.

v3.1.3, 2019.01.07

  • Fixed a bug that prevented traits to be correctly resolved when used by an anonymous class
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when $this keyword was used inside an anonymous class

v3.1.2, 2018.12.16

  • Fixed a bug regarding comma trail in group-use statements. See issue 23

v3.1.1, 2018.10.02

  • Fixed a bug where parent keyword was treated like a class-name and scope was not added to the serialized closure
  • Fixed a bug where return type was not properly handled for nested closures
  • Support for anonymous classes was improved

v3.1.0, 2018.09.20

  • Added transformUseVariables and resolveUseVariables to Opis\Closure\SerializableClosure class.
  • Added removeSecurityProvider static method to Opis\Closure\SerializableClosure class.
  • Fixed some security related issues where a user was able to unserialize an unsigned closure, even when a security provider was in use.

v3.0.12, 2018.02.23

v3.0.11, 2018.01.22

v3.0.10, 2018.01.04

  • Improved support for PHP 7.1 & 7.2

v3.0.9, 2018.01.04

  • Fixed a bug where the return type was not properly resolved. See issue 17
  • Added more tests

v3.0.8, 2017.12.18

v3.0.7, 2017.10.31

  • Bugfix: static properties are ignored now, since they are not serializable

v3.0.6, 2017.10.06

  • Fixed a bug introduced by accident in 3.0.5

v3.0.5, 2017.09.18

  • Fixed a bug related to nested references

v3.0.4, 2017.09.18

  • [internal] Refactored SerializableClosure::mapPointers method
  • [internal] Added a new optional argument to SerializableClosure::unwrapClosures
  • [internal] Removed SerializableClosure::getClosurePointer method
  • Fixed various bugs

v3.0.3, 2017.09.06

  • Fixed a bug related to nested object references
  • [internal] Opis\Closure\ClosureScope now extends SplObjectStorage
  • [internal] The storage property was removed from Opis\Closure\ClosureScope
  • [internal] The instances and objects properties were removed from Opis\Closure\ClosureContext

v3.0.2, 2017.08.28

  • Fixed a bug where $this object was not handled properly inside the SerializableClosre::serialize method.

v3.0.1, 2017.04.13

  • Fixed a bug in 'ignore_next' state

v3.0.0, 2017.04.07

  • Dropped PHP 5.3 support
  • Moved source files from lib to src folder
  • Removed second parameter from Opis\Closure\SerializableClosure::from method and from constructor
  • Removed Opis\Closure\{SecurityProviderInterface, DefaultSecurityProvider, SecureClosure} classes
  • Refactored how signed closures were handled
  • Added wrapClosures and unwrapClosures static methods to Opis\Closure\SerializableClosure class
  • Added Opis\Colosure\serialize and Opis\Closure\unserialize functions
  • Improved serialization. You can now serialize arbitrary objects and the library will automatically wrap all closures

v2.4.0, 2016.12.16

  • The parser was refactored and improved
  • Refactored Opis\Closure\SerializableClosure::__invoke method
  • Opis\Closure\{ISecurityProvider, SecurityProvider} were added
  • Opis\Closure\{SecurityProviderInterface, DefaultSecurityProvider, SecureClosure} were deprecated and they will be removed in the next major version
  • setSecretKey and addSecurityProvider static methods were added to Opis\Closure\SerializableClosure

v2.3.2, 2016.12.15

  • Fixed a bug that prevented namespace resolution to be done properly

v2.3.1, 2016.12.13

  • Hotfix. See PR

v2.3.0, 2016.11.17

  • Added isBindingRequired and isScopeRequired to the Opis\Closure\ReflectionClosure class
  • Automatically detects when the scope and/or the bound object of a closure needs to be serialized.

v2.2.1, 2016.08.20

  • Fixed a bug in Opis\Closure\ReflectionClosure::fetchItems

v2.2.0, 2016.07.26

  • Fixed CS
  • Opis\Closure\ClosureContext, Opis\Closure\ClosureScope, Opis\Closure\SelfReference and Opis\Closure\SecurityException classes were moved into separate files
  • Added support for PHP7 syntax
  • Fixed some bugs in Opis\Closure\ReflectionClosure class
  • Improved closure parser
  • Added an analyzer for SuperClosure library

v2.1.0, 2015.09.30

  • Added support for the missing __METHOD__, __FUNCTION__ and __TRAIT__ magic constants
  • Added some security related classes and interfaces: Opis\Closure\SecurityProviderInterface, Opis\Closure\DefaultSecurityProvider, Opis\Closure\SecureClosure, Opis\Closure\SecurityException.
  • Fiexed a bug in Opis\Closure\ReflectionClosure::getClasses method
  • Other minor bugfixes
  • Added support for static closures
  • Added public isStatic method to Opis\Closure\ReflectionClosure class

v2.0.1, 2015.09.23

  • Removed branch-alias property from composer.json
  • Bugfix. See issue #6

v2.0.0, 2015.07.31

  • The closure parser was improved
  • Class names are now automatically resolved
  • Added support for the #trackme directive which allows tracking closure's residing source

v1.3.0, 2014.10.18

  • Added autoload file
  • Changed README file

Opis Closure 1.2.2

  • Started changelog