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ATDD Sample Application bwerter

A simple sample application demonstration ATDD.

  • start-db starts a H2 database service on port 9092. Hit Ctrl-C to stop the service.
  • start-jetty starts a Jetty web server on port 8080. Hit Ctrl-C to stop the service.

You can also run the integration tests with Maven by activating the spec profile:

mvn -Pspec clean verify

Start up and shut down of the H2 and Jetty server is handled by jetty-maven-plugin and exec-maven-plugin and should work with your CI server.

The bwertr kata

If you want practice different parts of the bwertr kata, you can use the iteration branches with its various tags as starting point:

  • iteration-1 points to the "blank" project. Start here, if you want to do the whole kata.
  • iteration-2 contains tests and solution for "Show number of ratings" and "Rate a presentation", but needs heavy refactoring. Start here, if you want to practice your refactoring skills.
  • iteration-3 is the well factored version of iteration-2 and is ready for implementing "See average rating", which we use for demonstrating TDD.
  • iteration-4 contains tests and solution for all three of the original features. Additionally, there is a specification for "Only one rating per user allowed". Start here, if you want to practice the whole outside-in development approach.