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  • upgrade to angular 1.0.6 and jqm 1.3.1.
  • table widget now fully working, as jqm added the refresh function.

Breaking changes:

  • routes with absolute urls in templateUrl are not treated as real absolute urls, and not prefixed with the base url of the document (#155);



  • upgrade to angular 1.0.5, jqm 1.3 and jquery 1.9
  • popup widget and panel widget has bidi databinding for data-opened attribute.
  • Refactored build system to grunt.js, testacular and travis-ci.
  • Added provider jqmNgWidget to easily adapt new jqm plugins with angular. Also automatically detects widgets of jqm plugins and registers angular directives for them.
  • onActivate in routes: Now all properties of $routeParams can be accessed as local variables in the expression.
  • Many bug fixes to the routing integration with jquey mobile.

Breaking changes:

  • Does no more work with angular <1.0.5 or jqm <1.3
  • multi page listview widget is no more supported (see here for the jqm statement:
  • URI scheme for dialogs and popups:
    • URLs for dialogs do no more redirect to the url &ui-state=dialog. However, leaving a dialog will still remove it automatically from the history.
    • Popups do no more change the url when opened or closed (and by this, they cannot be closed using the back browser button).
  • checkbox/radiobox: ng-repeat or other conditional directives are no more allowed on the input of checkboxes/radioboxes, as they also need their corresponding labels. Instead, wrap the input into the label and put the ng-repeat on the label.
  • $location.goBack() was moved to $history.goBack().
  • $location.backMode() was replaced by $location.back() (so it is more similar to $location.replace()).
  • <input type="range"> now correctly uses numbers as value in the scope, not strings.
  • dynamicBaseTag of jQuery mobile is now deactivated as it lead to problems with XHRs, ...

Known issues:


Breaking changes:

  • The url to start an app at a specific page (i.e. not the first page) changed.
  • $navigate is no more. Please use the new angular route integration and the extensions to the $location service instead.
  • Changed ngm-click to ngm-vclick as this matches directly to the jqm docs.
  • Location for Wait-Dialog default messages changed.

New features:

  • support for angular routes for jqm pages.
  • general $history service and extensions to the $location service to control history and route parameters for a single route call.
  • added missing event directives.

Internal changes:

  • updated to angular 1.0.3 and jqm 1.2.0
  • internal refactorings and simplifications.

Migration for the old $navigate service:

  • $navigate('back:somePage'): going back to an url in history. Replace with:

  • $navigate('back'): Going back on step in history. Replace with: $location.goBack();

  • $navigate('slide:somePage'): showing a page with a special transition. Replace with:

        jqmOptions: 'slide'
  • $navigate('somePage', 'someFn', param1, param2, ...): Showing a page an calling the given function on the scope of that page before the page is shown. Replace with:

        locals: {
            param1: param1,
            param2: param2,
        onActivate: 'someFn(param1, param2, ...)'

Beyond this, you can define default values for onActivate and jqmOptions on routes directly when they are defined, e.g.:

$routeProvider.when('/somePage', {
    jqmOptions: { transition: 'flip' },
    onActivate: 'someFn(a)',
    resolve: {
        a: function() { return 'hello'; }


  • Updated to jquery mobile 1.1.1
  • Bugfixes to different elements.
  • Collapsible now has bidirectonal data binding for the data-collapsed attribute.
  • navbar automatically refreshes if children li elements are added / removed.
  • paged filter changed and simplified, so that it can be used with angular filter chaining.


  • Updated to angular 1.0.1.
  • Added link to german book about using the adapter and a more complex example.
  • Added AMD module support.
  • complete refactoring for performance improvements, and to support directives with template and templateUrl.
  • $location service can now be used again. Note that by default, this uses a new jqmCompat mode. For routes to work this has to be disabled.
  • Added jsfiddle template for reporting issues (see Readme)
  • Support for namespaces for jqm tags (via $.mobile.ns).
  • Better support for angular directives with template and templateUrl.
  • ng-app directive of angular is required
  • $navigate now does no more add the "#" automatically. This allows multiple ajax pages to be used.

  • paged expression was changed to the paged filter.

  • Removed $navigate expression. Use $navigate service instead. Reason: This puts too much logic in the html page and leads to errors if $q is not used correctly.
  • Removed the fadein directive, as there are better ways to do this (see the corresponding jquery mobile plugin...)
  • 'ngm:event' directive is gone. Please use the new event directives introduced in 1.0.5 like ngm-click, ...
  • removed iff expression as it was only used internally and is now no more needed.
  • removed $.mobile.globalScope as it was only used internally. Use angular's $rootScope service instead.
  • removed custom build of jquery mobile, as no patches are needed any more to work with angular 1.0.


  • Update to jquery mobile 1.1
  • $ if called without a message only shows the default message if $.mobile.loadingMessageTextVisible is true (see jquery mobile docs for that property).


  • Allow an object to be passed to $navigate service as first argument to leverage the full power of jqm changePage function.
  • ng:switch now works correctly.
  • Styling issues with links in lists were resolved
  • New event directives: ngm:tap,ngm:taphold,ngm:swipe,ngm:swiperight,ngm:swipeleft,ngm:pagebeforeshow,ngm:pagebeforehide,ngm:pageshow,ngm:pagehide
  • Upgraded to jquery mobile 1.0.1


  • Update to jQuery Mobile 1.0. The adapter itself was not changed, but the standalone version now includes jquery mobile 1.0.
  • Pleaes note that the jquery mobile version provided with the adapter does not more contain the "transitions" branch from jquery mobile. For the detailed list of applied patches see the Readme.


  • Upgraded to jQuery Mobile RC2.
  • Provides a bugfixed version of jquery mobile.
  • Bugfix to styling of elements like <a>, ... when used with ng:if (see issue #10).
  • Added a custom style to hide the angular validation popup (the red line around elements with validation errors still appears).
  • $activePage was renamed to $navigate and does not return the current page any more when called with no arguments. It also only takes a single argument in the form ´[transition]:pageId´. Furthermore, it does not more require the pageId to start with a #. If you have to access the current page, use $.mobile.activePage.
  • Added $navigate function in expressions to move navigation from the controller to the page.
  • ngm:shared-controller was added to share state between spearate pages
  • onActivate and onPassivate callbacks were removed. Use ngm:event="pagebeforeshow:myCallback()" or $navigate(toPage, activateFn) instead.
  • ngm:enterKey was removed. Please use a form with ng:submit (and data-ajax=false) for this.
  • <input type="range"> did produce two sliders. Bug was introduced in 1.0.2.
  • ngm:event now expects it's value to be a json string.
  • No special support for ng:repeat used in <option> elements, as angular does not support this. Added support for ng:options.

The changes to the $activePage, onActivate and ngm:shared-controller was made to have a more general solution that is also possible for sencha touch applications. By this, applications can easily switch between jquery mobile and sencha touch without changing the controller code.


  • Updated to jqm 1.0b3
  • Changed tags and service names to be consistent:
    • waitdialog -> $waitDialog
    • ng:event -> ngm:event
    • ng:fadein -> ngm:fadein
    • ng:if -> ngm:if
    • ng:enterkey -> ngm:enterkey


Added the mobileinit support for the standalone build.


Initial stable release

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