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1 parent d5f368a commit 0a896ce4a30d78c7d6f95b48dd7a991f73738ff6 Tobias Bosch committed Oct 6, 2011
@@ -8,7 +8,10 @@ Changelog
new values were not displayed be jquery mobile. Was broken by 1.0.2.
- Added a custom style to hide the angular validation popup (the red line around
elements with validation errors still appears).
+- `$activePage` was renamed to `$activate` and does not return the current page any more when
+ called with no arguments. Furthermore, it does not more require the pageId to start with a `#`.
+ There changes were made to keep the API similar to the sencha-touch-angular-adapter.
+ If you have to access the current page, use `$.mobile.activePage`.
@@ -146,17 +146,15 @@ should be shown via a transition lasting a defined amount of milliseconds (the v
Usage: E.g. `<div ngm:fadein="700">asdf</div>`
-### Service $activePage
-Service to access and change the current page.
-A call without parameters returns the current page id, a call with parameters
-changes the current page.
+### Service $activate(pageId, transition, reverse)
+Service to change the current page.
Parameters (see $.mobile.changePage)
- pageId: Id of page to navigate to. The special page id "back" navigates back.
- transition (optional): Transition to be used.
- reverse (optional): If the transition should be executed in reverse style
-Usage: E.g. `$activePage('page2')`
+Usage: E.g. `$activate('page2')`
### Service $waitdialog
The service `$waitdialog` allows the access to the jquery mobile wait dialog. It provides the following functions:
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