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Make it extensible (or add more directives like vmousedown, etc) #63

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I'd like to add at least vmousedown to "eventDirectives", but as it stands I have to do it manually


Thanks for the reply! I like to use vmousedown instead of vclick because it makes for more responsive interfaces. Its the only one that I'm using right now. I don't mean to bloat your excelent library, but perhaps you should include them all? (

Maybe just the virtual mouse events, something that distinguishes jQM.

vmouseover vmousedown vmousemove vmouseup vclick vmouseout vmousecancel

I also once had the need for the "pageinit", but that was before angular. I don't know if angular makes it irrelevant/difficult to implement.

Btw, I found myself with the same need on jquery and angular. I added ng-dragstart, ng-dragend and some others. I didn't looked for the reason why there are some events left out by default (read something about the blur and focus, that will be in the next release). I'm using a directive factory, much like the one from you're using.


I'll add all events but the page change events (this is not the page transition events) and page initilization events, as they seem to be rather internal events that do not make sense to use in markup.


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