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Sparta PLM is an open source solution for Product Lifecycle Management.

Getting started.

   - sparta is written purely in java, and the view templates use groovy.
   - It is written using playframework

Environment Requirements.
    1. Play framework.
    2. sparta has three ids configured to run with different environments settings. test, prod, bees.
    3. test environment uses inmemory database. (default database available with framework.)
    4. the normal "run" configuration uses mysql db. The settings could be seen in conf.application.conf
Quick Installation.
   1. Download play framework, install it as per the install instrructions.
   2. Download the code from googlecode  or github    
   3. Unzip on your local drive.
   4. Assuming you have installed the play framework and added the bin directory to the PATH type-
      % play test sparta 
      one level above your sparta directory.(not from sparta directory)
      This will start sparta server at http://localhost:9001
      The debug port will run at 8001
   5. Once you enter the http://localhost:9001 you could see the login form on the right.
   6. Please enter admin/secret as login credentials and start exploring the sparta.

Using mysql:
   1. Please look at the mysql configuration in application.conf.
   2. Create the database with the name specified in the conf file (usually spartadb)
   3. The mysql configuration can be used with 
      %play run sparta

Issue logs.
   1. We are currently using lighthouse for issues management
   2. Dicussion group is available at

For any further questions please join the group. If you have any questions that you need to contact me twitt me at @pbhalesain