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doc: annotate automatic outbound NAT round-robin

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@@ -89,6 +89,15 @@ A hotfix release was issued as 18.1_1:
o firewall: repair logic for ICMP fixup required by pfctl
Incompatible changes to version 17.7 are as follows:
Automatic outbound NAT now does round-robin for all configured addresses of
the NAT interface when virtual IPs are defined. If this is undesired try
enabling the "Sticky outbound NAT" feature under Firewall: Settings: Advanced
to keep user sessions from circling through the IP pool. If this still does
not solve your issue switch to hybrid or manual outbound NAT and define NAT
over the WAN address manually.
All images are provided with SHA-256 signatures, which can be verified
against the distributed public key:

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