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FRRouting (FRR) is an IP routing protocol suite for Linux and Unix
platforms which includes protocol daemons for BGP, IS-IS, LDP, OSPF,
PIM, and RIP.
FRR's seamless integration with the native Linux/Unix IP networking stacks
makes it applicable to a wide variety of use cases including connecting
hosts/VMs/containers to the network, advertising network services, LAN
switching and routing, Internet access routers, and Internet peering.
Plugin Changelog
* Add BFD support
* Add support for agentx (contributed by Joshua Schmidlkofer)
* Deprecate Ruby parser for FRR diagnostic output, remove Ruby dependency
* Use FRR's json output where available
* Introduce Python parser for FRR output where json is not (yet) available
* Streamline diagnostic action names
* Streamline diagnostic API endpoint names
* Add diagnostic action and API endpoint for BGP neighbors
* Webif Diagnostics/General: Fix routing tables
* Webif Diagnostics/General: Align routing table style with other pages
* Webif Diagnostics/OSPF: Correctly display areas in "Overview" tab
* Webif Diagnostics/OSPF: Fix area rendering to "NaN" in "Route Table" tab
* Webif Diagnostics/OSPF: Use only one table in "Route Table" tab
* Webif Diagnostics/OSPF: Add mouseover hints to Type column in "Route Table" tab
* Webif Diagnostics/OSPF: Slight presentation adjustments in "Neighbor" tab
* Webif Diagnostics/OSPFv3: Fix age and sequence number rendering to "NaN" in "Database" tab
* Webif Diagnostics/BGP: Rename page from "BGPv4" to just "BGP"
* Webif Diagnostics/BGP: Replace "Overview" tab with distinct "IPv4 Routing Table" and "IPv6 Routing table" tabs
* Webif Diagnostics/BGP: Align routing table style with other pages
* Webif Diagnostics/BGP: Add Neighbors tab
* Allow to adjust reference cost for OSPF calculation
* Add configuration profile selection
* OSPF influence interface cost via carp
* Uniform logging
* Add description fields to BGP tabs
* Add BGP community-lists
* Add option for BGP graceful restart
* Allow to set BGP neighbor timers
* Fix templating for BGP AS-Path Lists (by Steve Buzonas)
* Fix templating for router IDs in OSPF3 daemon
* Disable eBGP policies introduced with FRR 7.4
* fix null route issue in parsing
* add missing via column to routing table for IPv4 (v6 already has it)
* show BGP status page: also show IPv6 routes
* Fix wrong match statement for IPv6 route-maps
* Allow to set default-metric for RIP protocol
* Add passive-interface to OSPFv3 (by Michael Muenz)
* Allow to set area per interface for OSPFv2 (by @twoequaldots)
* Allow to set ebgp-multihop in BGP (by @bpeavy and Greg Goodrich)
* Add route-map support to redistribution in OSPF
* Only allow custom set of characters in BGP prefix-lists and route-maps
* XMLRPC sync support
* CARP failover support
* Allow usage of VTI IPSec interfaces
* Add area range in OSPF config