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A ranking system based on the Ratings Percent Index, which is used in NCAA Basketball rankings.
The equation is:
RPI = (WP * 0.25) + (OWP * 0.50) + (OOWP * 0.25)
WP = Win Percentage
OWP = Opponents' Win Percentage
OOWP = Opponents' Opponents' Win Percentage
import logging
from models import Player
from stats import stats
class RPI_Calculator:
def __init__(self):
players = Player.all()
self.player_opponents = {}"Initializing RPI Calculator.")"Finding opponents for all players.")
for player in players:
self.player_opponents[hash(player)] = self._get_opponents_for_player(player)
def _get_opponents_for_player(self, player):
Retrieves the set of opponents for a given player.
opponents = set()
for game in player.completed_games():
# If we added the player itself, we must remove it
if player in opponents:
return opponents
def _get_opponents_for_players(self, players):
Retrieves the set of opponents for a set of players.
opponents = set()
for player in players:
opponents = set.union(opponents, self.player_opponents[hash(player)])
return opponents
def _average_percent_win(self, players):
Calculates the average win percentage for a set of players.
if not len(players):
return 0
sum = 0
for player in players:
sum += stats(player)['percent_win']
return float(sum)/len(players)
def calculate_rankings(self):
Calculates rankings based on the RPI method. The implementation
is naive, and would not work for a large number of players.
""""Calculating RPI rankings.")
for player in Player.all():
wp = stats(player)['percent_win']
opponents = self.player_opponents[hash(player)]
owp = self._average_percent_win(opponents)
opponents_opponents = self._get_opponents_for_players(opponents)
oowp = self._average_percent_win(opponents_opponents)
rpi_rank = (wp * 0.25) + (owp * 0.5) + (oowp * 0.25)'For player %s. RPI = %s (%s * 0.25 + %s * 0.5 + %s * 0.25)'
% (player.pseudonym,rpi_rank, wp, owp, oowp))
player.rpi_rank = rpi_rank
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