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Oppia is an online learning tool that enables anyone to easily create and share interactive activities (called 'explorations'). These activities simulate a one-on-one conversation with a tutor, enabling students to learn by doing while getting feedback.

In addition to developing the Oppia platform, the team has developed free and effective lessons on basic mathematics, and we are planning to expand our educational offering to basic science and financial literacy. These lessons help learners who lack appropriate access to educational resources.

The Oppia web application is built using Python, Angular, and Google App Engine. See also:

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Please refer to the Installing Oppia page for full instructions.


The Oppia project is built by the community for the community. We welcome contributions from everyone, especially new contributors.

You can help with Oppia's development in many ways, including art, coding, design and documentation.

If you'd like to donate to support our work, you can do so here.


If you have any feature requests or bug reports, please log them on our issue tracker.

Please report security issues directly to


The Oppia code is released under the Apache v2 license.

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