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Oppian Website
This is the website which is a django based website.
* has a blogging backend in /admin that uses tinymce (a wyswig html editor)
* modified django-filebrowser which uploads (and browsers) files on a s3 bucket instead
of the local filesystem
* Has a url shortner
Private settings have been removed and are added on deployment by puppet.
In addition to the database settings the following settings will need to be supplied:
SECRET_KEY: This will need to be provided, standard django setting
AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME: name for the s3 bucket that will be used to store files
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: The AWS access key to access the bucket
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: The AWS secret access key to access the bucket
This code is released for example and learning only (except for third party modules
under their own licenses)
All artwork is copyright Oppian Systems Ltd and may not be used
For any questions or clarifications contact