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+Oppian Website
+This is the website which is a django based website.
+ * has a blogging backend in /admin that uses tinymce (a wyswig html editor)
+ * modified django-filebrowser which uploads (and browsers) files on a s3 bucket instead
+ of the local filesystem
+Private settings have been removed and are added on deployment by puppet.
+In addition to the database settings the following settings will need to be supplied:
+SECRET_KEY: This will need to be provided, standard django setting
+AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME: name for the s3 bucket that will be used to store files
+AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: The AWS access key to access the bucket
+AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: The AWS secret access key to access the bucket
+This code is released for example and learning only (except for third party modules
+under their own licenses)
+All artwork is copyright Oppian Systems Ltd and may not be used
+For any questions or clarifications contact

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