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This is an application that uses the feed at to create an ical friendly url suitable for calendars like Google Calendar.

Currently hosted on Google App Engine at


Add the url to your calendar application.


  1. Add URL
  2. URL to Add
  3. Profit


Any suggestions or issues please feel free to create an issue here in github

Reddit Post Format

Try and match the guidelines in the sidebar which is:

Post the subject line IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT:

[DD/MM/YY] Event @ Location

It will still try if it is roughly in that format. The closer to the guidelines the more information it can extract. If you leave out the location it won't be in the calendar entry for instance.

Technical Information

This is for people who want to know how it works. It reads the feed using reddit's api in json format and then outputs an ical friendly feed. The ical entries will have the location set to the location specified in the post (which helps if you're on a mobile). The post contents becomes the ical entry content. It is specified as an all day event (for now). There are plans to make it look for times.

It is written in Python and full source code is available. Licensed under the MIT license.