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FeedCrawler takes a feed of any type, executes its customized processor in order to create CMS Entries.


Feed is commonly a url with some configurations, url, credentials, processor and actions

The most simple example is an RSS feed

  • url = ''
  • processor = 'opps.feedcrawler.processors.rss.RSSProcessor'
  • actions = ['opps.feedcrawler.actions.rss.RSSActions'

In the above example we have an url to read feed entries, and feedcrawler comes with a builtin processor for RSS feeds RSSProcessor wil take the feed url and do all the job fetching, reading and creating entries on database.

You can replace RSSProcessor with your own processor class, following the processor API.

Example: 'yourproject.yourmodule.processors.MyProcessor'

The processor API is documented in the item Processor API

Also, your feed takes actions which is a path to a callable returning a list of Django admin actions in the form of functions. an example of action is "Create posts" which takes the selected entries and convert it in to Opps Posts.

Processor API

feedcrawler provides a BaseProcessor class for you to extend and you have to override some methods.

from opps.feedcrawler.processors.base import BaseProcessor

class MyProcessor(BaseProcessor):
    BaseProcessor.__init__ receives the **feed** object as parameter
    def __init__(feed, entry_model, *args, **kwargs):
        self.feed = feed
        self.entry_model = entry_model
    You override if you need, but be careful.
    def process(self):
        url = self.feed.source_url
        max_entries = self.feed.max_entries
        # here you have access to the **feed** object in **self.feed**
        entries = read_and_parse_rss_feed(url)  #  example function which fetch and parse XML feed 
        # Now you have access to **self.entry_model** which you will use to create CMS entries.
        for entry in entries:
            # remember to implement your own logic to avoid duplications
        # this method should return the count of entries read and created or 0    
        return len(entries)

The processor above will be executed by management command process_feeds -f feed_slug also you can put this command to run on cron or celery