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Great podcasts

A list of interesting podcasts related to the software development industry, originated from this article

Contributions are highly encouraged! To have this be a pleasant experience for everyone, please read the contribution guidelines and the code of conduct.


Title Website Description Tags
JavaScript Jabber A weekly podcast about JavaScript, including Node.js, Front-End Technologies, Careers, Teams and more. javascript, libraries, frameworks, development
Adventures In Angular A weekly show dedicated to the AngularJS framework. angularjs, google, frameworks
The Freelancers' Show A podcast about self-employed developers. Lots of tips and useful advice. freelancing, self-employment, clients
Entreprogrammers Podcast All about the Entreprogrammers! Josh Earl, John Sonmez, Derick Bailey, and Charles Max Wood! freelancing, entrepreneurship
Reply All Reply All is a show about the internet, hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman. It features stories about how people shape the internet, and the internet shapes people. internet, technology
Agile Weekly Podcast A podcast about agile practices, team communication and much more agile, development, communication
The Treehouse Show The Treehouse Show is your weekly dose of web design and web development news, hosted by Nick Pettit and Jason Seifer. frontend, javascript, html, css
Stride & Saunter Since its inception, Stride and Saunter has been devoted to genuine and thoughtful conversations. We aim to engage our listeners in an honest exploration of our world and its countless components - from technology and history to culture and current events. general, internet, people
FiveJS The latest news in the JavaScript community, in just 5 minutes. javascript, libraries, frameworks, development