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Emanon BBS

Emanon BBS is software for hosting an anonymous textboard. It is written on top of Tablecat BBS aiming to add responsive layouts and a more efficient browsing experience without losing its web 1.0 feel. Features


  • Mobile-responsive layout that properly scales text.
  • Double-column isotope layout for wider desktop resolutions.
  • Filter and sort threads with isotope.
  • Site-wide thread index displaying recent posts.
  • Simple image uploader with gallery.
Smaller changes
  • Board-specific configurations in
  • Re-added BBcode.
  • SJIS support for names and tripcodes.
  • Kareha-styled subback page.
  • Support for sageru-styled boards.
  • Display time in Eternal September or a "M D, Y H:M" format.
  • Automatic page reload after posting.
  • Quick-Reply form hidden by default
  • Board navigation bar
The Name

Emanon is an ananym of No Name, inspired by the lovely manga Omoide Emanon. It also used to be a name for the element argon, which ties in with the chemistry based name of isotope.

How to install

  1. Extract files to desired directory
  2. Make desired changes to
  3. CHMOD all files with the file type .cgi to 755
  4. Run post.cgi
Install image gallery
  1. Place upload.cgi in desired board folder. (optional)
  2. Make changes to settings in upload.cgi
  3. Run upload.cgi


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