Utilities to configure and fetch readings from Keysight 53230A universal counter
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A collection of simple command line utilities to communicate with and program the Keysight 53210/53220/53230A frequency counters. The utilities use only TCP/IP sockets, and has no dependancies to NI or Keysight drivers. This also means they will not work over USB or GPIB. Familiarity with the 53230a programming guide is required.

The code is extremely simplistic, mostly just a few lines of code. Very little emphasis is put on correctly handling errors and corner cases. Based on my experience, if the utilities throw an exception, there is something wrong somewhere else. YMMV. I use them daily, and they appear to be stable.

The utilities should run on Linux under Mono, but this is only marginally tested.. This is very much a work in progress, features will be added if and when I need them.


Issues ":Initiate:Immediate", followed by repeated "Read?". Runs untill aborted with ctrl-c, or timeout.

R [n]

n - Optional, number of samples to request per IO. Default 1. For fast measurements (> 10 measurements per second), increase this number. Note that this does not configure the counter to make fast measurements, it only instructs "R" to request more than one sample per IO. Runs untill aborted with ctrl-c, or timeout.

Issues ":Initiate:Immediate", followed by repeated "DATA:REMove <n>,WAIT". This can be used to retrieve continous gap-free measurements on the 53230A. Note that ":Sample:count" must be set to the total number of samples to retrieve over the measurement session. See "Learn".

Learn [<statements>]

<statements> - Optional configuration statements to send to the counter, e.g. ":SAMPle:COUNt 1e6". If no statements are given, lists the current (non-default) configuration settings of the counter. This can be used to send any statement to the counter that does not generate a response.

This is particularly useful to ensure the counter is configured the same way for separate measurement sessions. Before the first measurement session begins, configure the counter according to the measurement to be taken, then save the configuration with "Learn > settings.txt". When the same measurements are to be repeated at a later time, the exact same settings can be restored using "learn < settings.txt".

The 53230A sometimes may exhibit some strange behaviour, I find an effective shortcut to preset the counter and restoring all settings to be "learn | learn".

Query <statement>

<statement> - Query to send to the counter, e.g. ":SAMPle:COUNt?". Sends the query to the counter, and reads the response.


If you only want the latest binaries, download the contents of "dist" to a local folder. Edit file "Ag53230A.ini", set ipaddress of the counter and default timeout. Note that the timeout needs to be consistent with the number of samples requested (i.e. with R), gate time etc.