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BufferingLog FQCN support and a Logback implementation #8

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Sorry to put to commits in the same pull request... I can break them up if needed.

1) FQCN for BufferingLog - this one is simple. Early log messages (before the pax-logging-service is activated) were being annotated with the wrong origin class.

2) Logback support - this one is big and has a few details that need consideration.
a) it includes two monkey-patched Logback classes to fix some places where Logback was not flexible enough to hook in OSGi details. I've submitted both patches to Logback and one has been accepted.
b) I duplicated the four SPI classes. Surely there's a better way, but it's beyond my Maven-fu to copy them from pax-logging-server dynamically. Maybe they should really be in pax-logging-api?
c) my unit tests use EasyMock instead of JMock. Hopefully not a big deal?
d) my code uses FindBugs @NonNull annotations. These are not retained to runtime, so hopefully not a problem?
e) I've copied and modified a handful of classes in org.ops4j.pax.logging.service.internal. Perhaps these should be refactored into a shared service base package to reduce code duplication?

Thanks for your consideration. A very similar version of this code has been running at my employer for the last 3 months (I cleaned up and changed package names for this submission)


Oh, another point. I've also specified Logback 0.9.29 in the pom. Logback 0.9.30 has been out for a month, but I haven't tested it yet so I left this submission as 0.9.29 for now.


boah! I cant believe it... finally someone really stepped up and added logback support :-) I'vent done any intensive tests with the implementation but only have given it a short look; from my point of view pls add the according jira's and push it to the master; if we discover any problems we can still revert the patch (which is the ops4j mentality anyway) --> +1


I added to describe this new addition.

@chrisdolan chrisdolan merged commit 53d75b5 into from
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