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h1. Release paxwicket

If you have all required rights to release pax-wicket follow these steps:

1) add this into your ~/.m2/settings.xml


2) prepare the release:

mvn -Prelease,repos.sonatype.staging -Darguments="-Prelease,repos.sonatype.staging" release:prepare -DautoVersionSubmodules=true

3) perform the release (this fails):

mvn -Prelease,repos.sonatype.staging -Darguments="-Prelease,repos.sonatype.staging" release:perform
.... auth failure in site:deploy ...

4) go into the checkout directory:

cd target/checkout

5) push to

mvn -Prelease,repos.sonatype.staging  source:jar javadoc:jar deploy

6) push to github:

git push

8) go to and push pax-swissbox to central

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