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The Pax Wicket Service is an OSGi service for supporting the creation of Wicket applications running on the OSGi platform.
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Welcome to PAX-WICKET

PAX-WICKET is a small framework which helps to integrate Apache Wicket into the OSGi component framework.

Build Status


PAX-WICKET provides the following features:

  • Full integration at HttpService Level
  • Bean and Service injection on bundle level from Spring and Blueprint
  • A delegating classloader and injection model.

For a full list of features and a more detailed documentation see the PAX-WICKET wiki.

Get in contact

Since the code is always moving faster than the documentation it is well possible that your use-case is possible with PAX-WICKET although not documented by now. Feel free to jump on to our mailing-lists or IRC channels and ask your questions there.


The easiest way to get in contact with PaxWicket is to read the quickstart documentation at the PAX-WICKET wiki.

If you prefer to read code instead of manuals there are various samples available.

  • mvn clean install
  • cd samples
  • mvn pax:provision
  • point the browser to http://localhost:8080/navigation/. From here on you'll find links and (short) explanations to the available examples.
  • If you're not firm with the gogo command line the following commands might help:
    • stop 0 (kills the samples)
    • bundles (shows all bundles)
    • bundle BUNDLEID (shows more details to a bundle)
    • stop BUNDLEID (stops a bundle)
    • start BUNDLEID (starts a bundle again)
    • help (for a full list of possible commands)
    • help COMMANDNAME (full description of a command)


PAX-WICKET uses Apache Maven as its build system. Simply checkout the sources and run "mvn clean install". This will build PAX-WICKET, the samples and run all integration tests.


PAX-WICKET is developed using Intellij and Eclipse. Either use the plugins in the IDEs or simply run "mvn idea:idea" or "mvn eclipse:eclipse" before and import them into your IDE.

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