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Mar 27, 2014

  1. Seth Falcon

    Merge pull request #9 from josephholsten/patch-1

    README.txt: Add "rebar get-deps" step

Mar 26, 2014

  1. Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten

    README.txt: Add "rebar get-deps" step


Dec 18, 2013

  1. Seth Falcon

    Merge pull request #8 from srenatus/patch-1

    documentation nitpick
    [obvious fix]
  2. Stephan Renatus

    documentation nitpick


Nov 26, 2013

  1. Steven Danna

    estatsd 1.1.0

    New deps:
    Updated deps:
        2013-11-20 9c55d16 new rebar
        2013-11-20 29afc2e make docs
        2013-11-19 e987415 v0.74
        2013-11-19 e15a5e6 fix changelog generation
        2013-11-19 ba95437 make make release release
        2013-11-19 197095c fix R16 build error due to typo in rebar.config.script
        2013-11-14 af5752a v0.73
        2013-11-14 40bd03f Merge pull request #18 from massemanet/watchdog-fixes
        2013-11-14 04cb820 reworking of watchdog
        2013-11-05 11ae389 version 0.72
        2013-11-05 28643c5 fix mess I made of susan.potter's patch
        2013-10-28 33b60a0 phony changelog target
        2013-10-21 cce6685 bumped to 0.71
        2013-10-18 5e3943f rebar update
        2013-10-13 9365442 Remove crypto module deprecations
        2013-10-07 d80eabc bumped to 0.70
        2013-10-07 edcbd79 remove some dead code
        2013-10-07 4c68c70 Remove print_pid conf. Make default print_fun print pid and regname.
        2013-03-13 5133f50 disk_log info
        2013-10-06 312e8df fix typo in "buffered" doc
        2013-10-06 5acc472 documented print_fun
        2013-05-30 35636bc redbug documentation now documents the current version of redbug.
        2013-05-29 d63141f changelog generator
        2013-05-29 58781df Merge pull request #16 from massemanet/redbug_print_pids
        2013-05-29 ea2e1e8 minor bug fixes
        2013-05-29 0a987fe implement redbug 'print_pids' option

Nov 25, 2013

  1. Steven Danna

    Use median rather than 50th percentile for easy discovery.

  2. Steven Danna

    Add 50th percentile (median) to reported statistics.

    Medians are fun.

Jun 20, 2013

  1. Christopher Maier

    Add 95th and 99th percentiles

  2. Christopher Maier

    Consolidate metric extraction with reported_metrics/1

  3. Christopher Maier

    Add percentile/2 helper function

  4. Christopher Maier

    Cleanup, reorganization

  5. Christopher Maier

    Use bear to compute 90th percentile

  6. Christopher Maier

    Use bear to compute count

  7. Christopher Maier

    Use bear to compute max

  8. Christopher Maier

    Use bear to compute min

  9. Christopher Maier

    Use bear to compute mean

    Earlier, we were only computing the mean of everything below the 90th
  10. Christopher Maier

    Add bear as a dependency

    bear has a much better thought-out approach to computing statistics,
    and also computes a hell of a lot more of them than estatsd currently
    does.  We can use this to get a lot more info out of our metrics.
  11. Christopher Maier


May 20, 2013

  1. Seth Falcon

    Adding rebar.config.lock


Mar 09, 2013

  1. Seth Falcon

    Fix type specs in estatd_shp and add dialyzer target to Makefile

  2. Seth Falcon

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'puzza007/dialyze'


Mar 07, 2013

  1. puzza007

    Correct return value for code_change/3


Nov 27, 2012

  1. Seth Falcon

    Merge branch 'sf/project-cleanup'

  2. Seth Falcon

    Improve sanity check unit test

    Now checking the keys sent to graphite.
  3. Seth Falcon

    Export force_flush/0 from estatsd_server

    Also make flush operation a handle_call rather than cast. This doesn't
    yet make flush a sync operation because the work is still being done
    in a worker process, but it is a start.
  4. Seth Falcon

    Let OS choose port for testing estatsd

  5. Seth Falcon

    Fix OS chooses port for capture_tcp module

  6. Seth Falcon

    Make estatsd_udp a locally registered process

    Not a strict requirement, but makes testing and debugging easier in
    this case.
    Also add proper handling of letting the port come from the OS.
  7. Seth Falcon

    Organize exports

  8. Seth Falcon

    Add basic sanity check for estatsd_server

    Validate that the server can receive and buffer metrics via UDP and
    send the aggregated data to "graphite" over TCP.
  9. Seth Falcon

    Move estatsd_shp eunit tests to separate module in test subdir

  10. Seth Falcon

    Overhaul release setup and use standard Makefile

    - estatsd code is now in a top level src/ directory
    - OTP release is built with updated start scripts using erlexec
      instead of run_erl.
    - release now includes eper for redbug and lock deps plugin
  11. Seth Falcon

    Remove embedded rebar from project

  12. Seth Falcon

    Merge branch 'sf/remove-folsom'

  13. Seth Falcon

    Remove folsom from estatsd

    We have not been making use of the data.
    Version bump to 1.0.0 since this is a non-back compat change.
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