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Allows you to provide a whitelist of node attributes to save on the server. All of the attributes are still available throughout the chef run, but only those specifically listed will be saved to the server.


node[:whitelist] provides a map of node attributes to store. The defaults are provided by this cookbook, and the map is:

node.default[:whitelist] = {
  "domain" => true,
  "fqdn" => true,
  "hostname" => true,
  "ipaddress" => true,
  "macaddress" => true,
  "platform" => true,
  "platform_version" => true,
  "kernel" => {
    "machine" => true,
    "name" => true,
    "os" => true,
    "release" => true,
    "version" => true

The results would be that the node object as seen on the server will only have the attributes specified above.

This cookbook honors the fact that attributes are set at different precedence levels.


Upload the cookbook, and make sure that it is included as a dependency in another cookbooks metadata, or that the recipe (which does nothing) is included in the role.

Whenever is called, the whitelist will be applied.

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