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Django Todo List

Todo is a simple Django app to conduct Web-based todo list. You can add your new list to do and check for some which had beed finished, or recover the finished to un-finished status. or you can delete items

Detailed documentation is in the "docs" directory.


you can install via pip

pip install colinws-todo

or you can git clone this repository and use

git clone

cd Django-todo

python install

Quick start

  1. Add "todo" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:

  2. Include the todo URLconf in your project like this:

    url(r'^todo/', include('todo.urls')),
  3. Run below command to create todo models migrations.:

    python makemigrations todo

  4. Run below command to create todo real models.:

    python migrate todo

  5. Start the development server and visit to create a todo (you'll need the Admin app enabled).

  6. Visit to participate in the todo list.