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πŸ–₯ A minimal desktop chat client for speaking to opsdroid
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opsdroid desktop

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A cross-platform electron & react desktop app for chatting with opsdroid.




  • Download opsdroid-desktop-{version} from the latest release.
  • Extract the zip.
  • Move the to /Applications


  • Download opsdroid-desktop-{version}-linux-{arch}.tar.tgz from the latest release.
  • Run sudo mkdir /etc/opsdroid-desktop.
  • Run sudo tar -xvzf opsdroid-desktop-*-linux-*.tar.tgz -C /etc/opsdroid-desktop.
  • Run the application with /etc/opsdroid-desktop/opsdroid-desktop.
  • (optional for ubuntu) To add the application to the unity launcher run sudo cp /etc/opsdroid-desktop/resources/app/scripts/ubuntu-launcher.desktop /usr/share/applications/opsdroid-desktop.desktop


  • Download opsdroid-desktop-{version} from the latest release.
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files.
  • Create the folder opsdroid-desktop.
  • Extract the zip into that folder.
  • Run the application with opsdroid-desktop.exe.


git clone
cd opsdroid-desktop
npm install -g electron-packager gulp
npm install
gulp serve


Pull requests are welcome!

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