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This is a Jekyll website which acts as the central landing page for the opsdroid project.

The basic idea of the page is to provide a single place where users can easily navigate to anywhere in the opsdroid ecosystem. To keep maintenance to a minimum this page should leverage third-party APIs to gather content dynamically. For example, pulling module lists from the GitHub API, or blog posts from Medium.


To contribute to the opsdroid website, first, you need to have Jekyll installed in your machine. Jekyll is a Ruby Gem and can be installed on most systems.


  • Ruby (version 2.2.5+)
  • RubyGems
  • GCC and Make

If you need help installing Ruby on your machine, check the official Jekyll page.

Once you have Ruby and all the other dependencies installed, you can run the following command from your command line to install the Jekyll Gem.

gem install bundler jekyll

Quick start

To contribute to the site, you need to fork this repository, then clone it into your machine by running the command:

git clone<Your Username>/

Then just go into the newly created folder by running:


Once you have the Jekyll Gem installed on your machine you can start your own version of the site by running the following command from your command line.

jekyll serve

Now you can just head over to http://localhost:4000 and see your live version of the website.


Contributing to the opsdroid ecosystem is strongly encouraged and every little bit counts! We even send sticker packs to our contributors to say thank you!

Do you need help? Do you want to chat? Join our Gitter channel

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