💬 A skill for opsdroid to interact with Vault by Hashicorp.
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opsdroid skill vault

A skill for opsdroid to interact with Hashicorp's Vault.


  • An instance of Vault to interact with.
  • A token with seal permissions (Pro Tip: create a seal only token just for opsdroid).


- name: vault
  # Required
  vault-url: https://vault.example.com:8443
  vault-token: aabbccddee1122334455
  # Optional
  announce-on-seal: false  # Announce the vault status in the default room on seal
  announce-sealed: true  # Announce the vault is sealed hourly
  announce-unsealed: false  # Announce the vault is unsealed hourly


is the vault sealed?

Checks if the vault is sealed.

user: is the vault sealed?

opsdroid: The vault is not sealed.

seal the vault

Seals the vault.

user: please seal the vault!!!!1!

opsdroid: I sealed the vault.

opsdroid (in default room): The vault is sealed.