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OpsGenie Client

The project includes:

  • Java SDK
  • Marid

Java SDK For Maven and Gradle


You can add OpsGenie Repository and SDK as dependency. Example:



You can add OpsGenie Repository and SDK as dependeny. Example:

dependencies {
	compile "com.opsgenie.integration:sdk:2+"


Requires JDK 1.7

This is a gradle project so you can build by running build task

Unix: ./gradlew build

Windows: gradlew.bat build

###Packaging RPM and DEB


  • packageMaridRpm: Packages Marid rpm for Redhat based systems

  • packageMaridDeb: Packages Marid deb for Debian based systems

  • packageMaridZip: Packages Marid zip for other systems

  • packageMarid: Packages Marid all types

You can run the tasks:

For Unix systems: ./gradlew packageMarid

For Windows systems: gradlew.bat packageMarid


If you want to run tests you must copy as and set your Pubnub account keys.

If you want to skip tests, just run commands:

./gradlew packageMarid -x test

Note: If you use IntellijIdea you can edit run configurations for gradle task and add -x test to task input.

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