Create alerts from messages sent to a Slack channel
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Slack to OpsGenie Alert Creator

Some of our customers want a way to create alerts from messages sent to a Slack channel. This is a sample Lambda function to help you achieve this.

It is an Outgoing WebHook application for Slack. Slack will post the messages sent to a channel to our API Gateway endpoint and we will create an alert in OpsGenie by using our AWS Lambda function.


  • Install Node.js and npm

How to use

  • Clone or download the repository

  • In repository's folder run npm install command

  • Install serverless for easy deployment, it will deploy lambda function and create an API Gateway endpoint automatically

    • Run npm install -g serverless to install serverless globally
    • Update serverless.yml file by entering slackToken (received from Slack integration page) and opsgenieApiKey (received from OpsGenie Api Integration) environment variables
    • Follow these instructions on setting up AWS credentials for Serverless if you haven't done already
    • Run serverless deploy and all you want will be ready at a glance!
    • Copy the link from the command line (one in the orange square in the image below) or you can always find it in your AWS account's API Gateway service
    • Paste it to your Slack integration
    • You can always take it back by running serverless remove command


In Slack


  • Configure your Outgoing Webhook
    • Select a channel (optional)
    • Select a keyword (optional)
    • Paste the url received after deployment (Api Gateway URL)
    • Copy token and paste it to serverless.yml's slackToken field


So you need more?

If you want to create a fully featured Slack application with slash commands, events, and interactive messages, you might want to look at repository. It really does a lot for you!