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Removed method getPcpatchRSAPrivateKey.

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okin committed Mar 2, 2017
1 parent 0a59b97 commit 53680ef6ec78d89a4f454754de9bfb0c898c772a
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  1. +0 −6 data/backendManager/extend.d/20_legacy.conf
@@ -2013,12 +2013,6 @@ def getDiskSpaceUsage(self, path):
def getHostRSAPublicKey(self):
return self.depot_getHostRSAPublicKey()

def getPcpatchRSAPrivateKey(self):
rsaPrivateKey = self.user_getCredentials(username = 'pcpatch')['rsaPrivateKey']
if not rsaPrivateKey:
raise BackendMissingDataError(u"RSA private key not found")
return rsaPrivateKey

def getPcpatchPassword(self, hostId):
return self.user_getCredentials(username = 'pcpatch', hostId = hostId)['password']

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