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@@ -11,7 +11,8 @@ OpSim is an open source Chemical Engineering Process Simulator with a user frien
The following is a basic outline for compiling and installing OpSim...
- To build you'll first need to setup a build environment. The procedure for this can vary depending on your OS so I'll only cover the high points...
- You'll need the latest version of the Free Pascal Compiler (FPC 3.0.2)
- You'll need the latest stable version of the [Free Pascal Compiler](
- OpSim uses [pmake]( to build the sources
- Once you have a working build environment you can setup the build by running `pmake ..` for an out of source build
- You can now build OpSim by issuing `./make`
- To install OpSim, including all platform dependent libraries, scripts and other supporting files issue a `./make install`

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