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This is just a prototype release. It is intended to provide a current view of the development effort even for those community members who did not managed to setup a development environment on their computers. Please understand that what you are seeing is only the user interface.  The majority of the work on OpSim has gone into the infrastructure that cannot be seen here.

All that is needed for the Windows operating system is inside the ZIP file. The main executables are:

  • OpSim.exe: is the simulator itself.
  • OpSimTest.exe: a collection of unit tests for several classes in the source code.
  • FlashTest.exe: an application being used in the development and testing of the fundamental flash routines.

What we have so far:

  • A basic GUI with a Process Flow sheet Designer (PFD).
  • A pallet with a few unit operations. The drag-drop functionality already working.
  • A pure component database properly structured.
  • A database inspector.
  • A growing collection of classes for thermodynamic, solver, etc.