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MP Dev Toolkit Snippets
OpsLogix MP Dev Toolkit Snippets.sln

MP Authoring Toolkit

The MP Authoring toolkit consists of three parts.

  • Management Pack Content
  • MP Authoring Snippets
  • MP Authoring Snippet Guides

These aim to ease the authoring of managament packs. Below is a short description of each part.

Management Pack Content

These documents describes a number of rules and recommendations when creating management packs. Following these rules makes the authoring much simpler and when paired with the snippets a lot of things just works.

Click to open the Management Pack Content documents

MP Authoring Snippets

This is a Visual Studio Extension that contains a number of XML snippets to make it easier to author management packs. You don't need to remember all that XML code. Just insert the snippet and fill out a number of fields.

MP Authoring Snippets Guides

These documents gives a detailed description on how to use the snippet in the MP Authoring Snippets. They provide step-by-step instructions on how to create the different elements of a management pack.

To open the MP Authoring Snippets Guides, click the link.

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