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I have a few topics I'd like to tackle, at least to get the ball rolling, but I'm not sure where they'd best fit.

I think netstat, netcat, tcpdump and lsof fit well on the troubleshooting page, although I may have to add more items to the "common errors" list. Does it make sense to expand common errors or to think about an advanced network troubleshooting page or section?

I notice there's no troubleshooting 201 page, and troubleshooting 101 isn't identified as such (just "troubleshooting"); is that so that the more advanced troubleshooting goes into the more focused pages, like networking 101/201? I don't see a troubleshooting section in either of those pages (yet).

I'd also like to talk a bit about SSH port forwarding, SSH keys, and perhaps other more advanced ways to use SSH. Where would that best fit?

Perils of plain text authentication (HTTP, FTP, telnet): security? networking? 101 or 201?

Thank you very much.

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Hi @macintux,

You raise some interesting questions.

I suspect a good direction we should probably lean towards is providing the theories and basics for each topic in a 101 section, and delve deeper in to specific tools and methods in 201,301 sections.

If a page doesn't exist yet, it's purely because nobody wrote it yet - please do so and link it to the toctree in index.rst

I think SSH port forwarding is likely to be networking 201, SSH keys in security 201, or hell, maybe an entire topic dedicated to SSH?

Perils that you list should probably be in security 201.


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Hi @macintux,
Is this question still an open one, or can we close it, in favor of figuring thing s out as they arise?

@miketheman miketheman closed this May 23, 2013
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