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Next.js component to fetch and render /docs from a different repository


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Deprecation Notice

This module is no longer maintained. For an up-to-date version, please see

Next.js Component for Product Docs

This component helps you to render your product documentation (/docs) on your product website. Check out the Opstrace Docs for a full impression what this component does. Typically the website and product (docs) are in separate repositories. This library offers three key functions:

  1. staticPaths returns all available paths for static site generation in next.js
  2. pageProps returns the required content such as sidebar routes, Table of Contents and Markdown
  3. Documentation is a JSX function that contains the render function

You can read more about the whys and hows of this component in the Opstrace Blog


The main purpose of this component is to fetch and render Markdown from a different repo. In this folder you need to create a manifest.json file which contains the link structure for the documentation you want to show. This allows you to control the sidebar levels and titles for links.




  "routes": [
      "heading": true,
      "title": "Next Docs Documentation",
      "routes": [
          "title": "Introduction",
          "path": "/docs/"

You can find complete example here or check out the Opstrace Documentation Manifest.

Installation & Usage

In your Next.js website repo, run:

yarn add @opstrace/next-product-docs


npm install @opstrace/next-product-docs

The location of your product docs can be configured through environment variables in your .env file:


Create a new page pages/docs/[[...slug]].jsx which calls the provided staticPaths and pageProps functions:

import Head from 'next/head'
import {
} from 'next-product-docs/serialize'
import Documentation from 'next-product-docs'

export default function Docs({ title, source }) {
  return (
      <Documentation source={source} />

export async function getStaticPaths() {
  const paths = await staticPaths()
  return { paths, fallback: false }

export async function getStaticProps(ctx) {
  return {
    props: {
      ...(await pageProps(ctx))

Run Locally

    npm run watch
    # or yarn watch

Read how to link component in next-product-docs-example

Additional Components

For convenience we're providing two additional components that help you get started with a sidebar and table of contents. They contain styling classes, so you should customize them as you

You can modify the page [[slug]].jsx and pass on sidebarRoutes and tocHeadings, which contain the (nested) routes for the sidebar and toc. We're using react-scroll to highlight the current section of the page in the table of contents. In the sidebar you can easily integrate search for example with Algolia React InstantSearch.


Considering contributing to next-product-docs? We'd love to work with you!

To start a local development environment, have a look at our example repo on how to link/unlink the component in a Next.js project.

Please join us for discussions in our community.

You can also ping us on Twitter @opstrace or @zenteredco. The only workaround we have at the moment is forking the repository, publish new package versions to GitHub and install them in the Next.js project where we use the component.

Please adhere to the Opstrace code of conduct.

Acknowledgements & Thanks