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Redis Performance Testing - A OpsTree utility to test load on Redis

This main goal of creating this utility is to provide easy and fast performance testing for Redis.


The list of dependencies are not quite long but yes we do have some dependencies.

System Dependencies

  • python3

Python Dependencies

  • locust
  • json
  • argparse
  • redis

Don't worry we have taken care the python dependencies in requirments.txt

Overview of Utility Structure

In this repository we have:-

  • Scripts:- Scripts folder contains all the codebase which is required for performance testing.

    • This script is used to set random keys in Redis.
    • This script is used to perform GET action on Redis.
    • This script is used to perform SET and GET operation simultaneously on Redis.
    • redis.json:- This is a json file in which we have to define our connection details of Redis. I created this file because I believe that code should not be changed.
  • Results:- This is a directory in which I am dumping some of my test results.

You may need to install python3 manually, for other things you can use requirments.txt

cd Scripts
pip3 install -r requirments.txt


The use of this utility is not a fancy thing, just need to update the redis.json with your redis connection details. Content of file should be like this:-

    "redis_host": "",
    "redis_port": "6379",
    "redis_password": ""

For SET Operation in Redis

./ --filepath redis.json

For GET Operation in Redis

locust -f

For GET and SET simultaneously operation in Redis

locust -f
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