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Tunes Playlist Converter is a project written to fill the gap between iTunes and Android, while not switching to another music management system. Having used iTunes Agent for awhile, and waiting for their next version, this project was born and supersedes it in many aspects (see features below).

v2.0 is written in Java and available to Windows and Mac OS X.

See the HowToUse page for a How-To Guide.

Recent News

  • 12/13/10 - Work on version 2.0 has begun & will be in Java. The result will be a single jar file.
    • UPDATE 1/7/11: Beta 1 has been released for testing purposes.
    • UPDATE 2/4/11: Beta 2 has been released for testing purposes.

v2.0 Beta Features

  • Portable JAR file, able to save on Android device
  • Auto-load iTunes on open, else prompts if unavailable
  • Able to select multiple playlists
  • Auto-save settings (unless cleared)
  • Keyboard shortcut keys
  • Options able to change
    • Export music with playlists
    • Export in current directory
    • Remember selected playlists
    • Export only Android compatible files
    • Delete unused files & playlists in export directory


Portions of this page are reproduced from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.