An API for Code. The engine behind Optic
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An API for Code

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  • Scala 2.12 - targeting the JVM makes it easy to ensure consistency across all the operating systems without sacrificing performance or productivity.
  • Akka - We use Akka for almost everything. Our server runs akka-http, we use akka-streams for communicating with IDEs and the Optic GUI over websockets, and the actor model has made our realtime processing very quick & reliable.
  • JSON Schema - JSON Schemas are used extensively throughout Optic as a de facto type system for knowledge.
  • Scala Graph - Graph library we use to map codebases and relationships between different kinds of code

Project Structure:

├── common         # Common types and utilities used everywhere 
├── core           # Powers the Compiler, parsers, generators & mutators
├── opm            # Our Package Manager for resolving Optic Markdown
├── project        # sbt project folder. 
├── sdk            # Parses Optic Markdown into Scala Objects
├── server         # Local Optic Server & Final Product
└── test-examples  # Example Markdown, Packages & Code for Test Suites

Companion Projects

There are several repos that we have chosen not to include in this monorepo:

  • marvin: Marvin learns the structure of programming languages from thousands of examples and builds models trained to generate code from AST Trees.
  • optic-markdown: A spec for human & machine readable documentation. This is how optic is taught to generate and read certain kinds of code.
  • optic-editor-sdk: A javascript library for connecting new IDEs to Optic
  • parser-foundation: A library & instructions for adding your favorite programming languages to Optic.