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--- 1.3.0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- New Feature: Rotate|Unconstrained is a trackball style rotation tool
contributed by ania, complete with magnets, user input rotation points,
and accessibility from all selection modes. [Anna Celarek]
- Added Conditional Deselection option to improve Smart Highlighting. When
checked, Deselect only enables Smart Highlighting when there is no selection,
otherwise the selection is cleared with the selection mode maintained. [optigon]
- Secondary selection Vectors now disregard the Virtual Mirror face, as they should. [optigon]
- The Select|By tools have been extended to search for elements within the
current selection, or if there is no selection, to search all visible objects.
In addition, Random now has a user input field. [optigon]
- Fix to restore maximized Wings layout on MS Windows. [optigon]
- Fixed a small StereoLithography export bug. [scorpius]
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