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--- 1.1.3 --------------------------------------------------------------------
- Torsten Manz updated the German translation. [bjorng]
- Menu Cleanup: Consolidated Extrude with Extrude Region and Extract Region with
Extract Faces. Since there is now only one heading each for Extrude and
Extract, the mouse buttons that activate specific commands have been changed.
Please see the related info lines for details. [optigon]
- Crash when using Shift Spherical (mmb option) now fixed.
(Thanks to Fonte Boa.) [optigon]
- Edge|Collapse now deletes edges more uniformly than the previous
implementation. Also, a Rmb option has been added to automatically cleanup
any newly created isolated vertices resulting from the collapse edges.
(Thanks to deerwood and Fonte Boa). [optigon]
- On OpenGL implementations without support for multisampling,
there would be (harmless) error messages written to the console
Develop|OpenGL Errors had been turned on. Changed to only
attempt to use multisampling if the OpenGL implementation supports
it, and no longer showing the checkbox in the preferences for
turning on/off multisampling if the OpenGL implementation does
not support it. [bjorng]
- If a command executed through a hotkey causes an error,
a dialog box with some help will be shown. [bjorng]
- Major rewrite of how geometry data is sent to OpenGL. We used
to have a specially written driver, but for future compatibility
we cannot use a driver. Instead we use vertex arrays.
This is the first step in this direction and we expect to do
further optimizations. For the moment, some display updates
can be slower and some can be faster than before.
As part of this change, the OpenGL renderer has been removed.
Sorry for any inconvenience, but it had to go. [dgud & bjorng]
- This release uses R13B01. A bug fix in the array module in R13B01
eliminates a crash that occurred when all edges in an object
were dissolved. [bjorng]
- This development release also includes all bug fixes in the 1.0.1 release.
--- 1.1.2 --------------------------------------------------------------------
- Select Similar Normals with the option Connected Faces Only and
a selection comprising multiple objects would cause a crash.
(Thanks to pauljs75.) [bjorng]
- Using the Slide command with Clean (Ctrl+Alt+L) would crash.
(Thanks to gordo.) [bjorng]
- AutoUV: Doing ReMap UV and choosing Strech Optimization would
cause a crash. (Thanks to betelguese.) [bjorng]
- When creating a texture from vertex colors in the AutoUV window, the
colors will be properly interpolated (smoothed). [scorpius]
- Keyboard events in Tweak while dragging could cause slow downs. Now Fixed.
(Thanks to Fonte Boa.) [optigon]
- Additional Geometry Windows can now be closed from within Tweak mode.
(Thanks to Fonte Boa.) [optigon]
- Dragging in Tweak is no longer limited to the size of the current window.
- Conflicts due to mouse events in adjacent Geometry Windows have been solved by
locking the focus to the original window during paint selection and dragging
in Tweak Mode. (Thanks to Fonte Boa.) [optigon]
- New Tweak option to set Tweak Magnet Increment. [optigon]
- Spherical UV mapping corrected. [dgud]
- There are two new commands in the optional Develop menu:
* Develop|OpenGL Errors to check for and display OpenGL errors after
each command.
* Develop|Print Scene Size to print the scene size.
Also, the existing commands Time Commands and Undo Stat now handle
plug-in commands properly.
The command Tools|Memory Info has been removed. [bjorng]
- New in Tools menu: Ambient-Occlusion Generator/Baker. It works on a per-
vertex basis and uses a standard inside-out approach. Mesh subdivision
yields more accuracy. The results are stored in the vertex-colors and can
also be baked to a texture through AutoUV. [scorpius]
- Extended Shift plugin to work in all selection modes. [optigon]
- New Plugin: Extract Faces. Like Extract Region but extracts individual faces.
--- 1.1.1 -------------------------------------------------------------------
- The data structure for the vertex tables has been changed.
(There is one vertex table to keep track of the vertex positions,
and another vertex table used for finding edges and face around
the vertex.) The new data structure is faster and uses less memory.
- When displaying vertices and edges, a feature in OpenGL called vertex
arrays is used to faster transfer the data from Wings into OpenGL.
This way of displaying geometry is slightly faster than the previous
method. [dgud, bjorng]
- ESDL updated to 1.0.1. (The next release in the 1.1 series will probably
not work without that version of ESDL.) [bjorng]
- Magnets are now drawn correctly in Tweak when selections across multiple
objects are dragged. [optigon]
- Selectings multiple objects in Tweak and calling a command via a hotkey would
only affect one of the objects. Now corrected. [optigon]
- Crash reported by Fonte Boa corrected. [optigon]
- Tweak mode temporary selection fix. [optigon]
--- 1.1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
- Added a new preference in the Misc tab to turn on a Develop menu
containing various tools for the Wings developers. [bjorng]
- Added a command to the new Develop menu to automatically time
all executed commands. The command name and time will be printed
to the console. [bjorng]
- Added a command to the new Develop menu to automatically print
out information about the undo queue. [bjorng]
- The data structure for the edge table has been changed. The new
data structure is faster and uses less memory. Approximately 4
words (1 word = 4 bytes) per edge is saved.
Plug-ins that depend on the edge table being a gb_tree will not
work. More details can be found in the Change log (which follows
these notes at Sourceforge). [bjorng, optigon]
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