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--- 1.2.rc3 --------------------------------------------------------------------
- Wings could not always save the preferences on Windows Vista
and Windows 7 because the registry has a different layout.
Wings will no longer attempt to use the registry to find an
appropriate directoy into which preferences should be saved,
but will use the documented Windows API function.
Note to developers: You will need to adjust your scripts/shortcuts
for starting Wings. See BUILD.win32. [bjorng]
- Dissolving or collapsing an isolated vertex could
cause a crash. (Thanks to ania.) [bjorng]
- Fixed various hidden/hole face drawing problems. Hidden hard
edges was drawn reported by Ania. Smooth-preview showed edges on
hidden faces and the backside of visible faces was not shown in flat
shaded view. [dgud]
--- 1.1.16 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
- Wings now compiles cleanly on FreeBSD. [scorpius]
- For developers: Erlang/OTP R13B02 is now required for building
Wings. [bjorng]
- When importing holes were not always handled correctly.
There could be faces marked as holes internally, but the faces
would still be visible. Future operations (such as Combine), could
then cause the faces to suddenly disappear (i.e. become holes).
(Thanks to Siber.) [bjorng]
- Wings will now validate holes when loading .wings files,
and remove from the list of holes any non-existent face or
face that is not invisible. (Importing objects with holes and
saving in a previous release of Wings could cause such
inconsistencies, as described in the previous release note.)
- Selecting many elements in many objects using marquee
selection is now much faster. (Thanks to ycarry for noticing
the slowness.) [bjorng]
- The Separate command is now significantly faster when run
on objects with many sub-objects. (Thanks to ycarry for noticing
the slowness.) [bjorng]
- Opening .wings files without vertex attributes is now
slightly faster. (Thanks to ycarry.) [bjorng]
- Added Bbox Move and Scale to Selection tools. BBox now
displays with a visible center and uses the user define Vector
colour. [optigon]
- Added colour prefs for the Menubar and Info Line Text. [optigon]
--- 1.1.15 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
- It was not possible to load JPEG, PNG, or GIF images (either
as textures or using the Image Plane commands) on Snow Leopard.
(Thanks to Riolan and nobrandname.) [bjorng]
- The Tools|Virtual Mirror|Create command will now
automatically flatten the virtual mirror face. [bjorng]
- The Select|Edge Loop|Edge Loop To Region command will
now allow virtual mirror and hole edges to close an edge loop.
(Suggested by FonteBoa.) [bjorng]
- Combine and Separate became much slower in 1.1 if there
were many objects in the scene. This has been corrected.
(Thanks to ycarry.) [dgud/bjorng]
- Select by material is now much faster for big objects with
more than one material. (Thanks for ycarry for noticing the
slowness.) [bjorng]
- Gordo has designed new (much nicer) install and uninstall icons
for the installer on Windows. [bjorng]
- Undoing a change of UV coordindates would not update the
AutoUV window. (Thanks to no204.) [bjorng]
- Creating a new Geometry window and moving the mouse cursor
over the toolbar of the new window before doing anything else would
cause Wings to crash. (Thanks to BlackHarmo.) [bjorng]
- Area lights can now be selected from both sides, not only
from the front face. (Thanks to Micheus.) [bjorng]
- Newer LWO files may contain a sub form of POLS called SUBD.
Unfortunately, I have found no description on how to interpret those
forms. If you happen to know how to interpret those forms, please
post a message in the Programming forum. The LWO importer will now
quit with an error message instead of crashing when encountering
ae SUBD form. (Thanks to Siber.) [bjorng]
- Fixes to Sweep. (Thanks to BlackHarmo and Fonte Boa). [optigon]
- Windows could appear above the visible screen area. Now some code
checks for this as windows are loaded and moves them within the visible
range. [optigon]
--- 1.1.14 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
- If View|Scene Lights has been turned on, but the scene
contains no lights, the usual modeling lights will be turned on
instead so the objects do not turn black. [bjorng]
- Undoing Absolute Command|Snap would undo the preceding
command too. (Thanks to BlackHarmo.) [bjorng]
- In vertex selection mode, unselected vertices would not be
shown if there were any hidden faces or holes. [bjorng]
- Some inconsistencies noticed by gordo in the user-interface
have been corrected. [bjorng]
- New Feature: Collada export. Objects including
UV coordinates and materials are exported. Lights and
cameras are not exported yet. [metadave]
--- 1.1.13 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
- Selecting two objects, one with a virtual mirror and one
without a virtual mirror, and Tweaking the object with the virtual
mirror would cause a crash. (Thanks to BlackHarmo.)
For developers: wings_pick:do_pick/3 and wpa:pick/3 returns more
information about what was picked in the second element of the
result tuple. Plug-ins that use the second element must
be updated. [bjorng]
- Select|Edge Loop|Edge Loop (and Grow/Shrink Edge Loop) can
now select edge loops around holes. [bjorng]
- This release for Mac OS X has been built with Snow
Leopard (10.6) as the host OS. It is still supposed to work on
Tiger (10.4) with either PPC or Intel CPUs, but I have no way to
actually test that. [bjorng]
- On Windows, the wings_crash.dump file will now be written to the
Desktop, since writing it to the installation directory for Wings
would not work in Windows Vista or Windows 7. [bjorng]
- Vertex colors that were completely white were not saved in
.wings files. (Thanks to tuxtax.) [bjorng]
- The '+' and '-' keys on the keypad can now be used for
adjusting the magnet radius in Tweak mode. [bjorng]
--- 1.1.12 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
- For developers: In the source distribution, there is a new
text file CodingGuidelines containing coding guidelinings for
Erlang programming in general and Wings programming in particular.
(Thanks to optigon, deerwood, and scorpius for comments on the
first draft.) [bjorng]
- For developers: Basic multiple column support has been
implemented in the table widget in wings_ask. [bjorng]
- Doing a vertex bevel on an object with both vertex attributes
and a virtual mirror would cause a crash. (Thanks to ycarry.) [bjorng]
- Exporting objects with holes and more than one material
would cause a crash. (Thanks to ycarry and TulipVorlax.) [bjorng]
- Exporting a scene with area lights with the Yafray exporter
would cause a crash. (Thanks to spacemanspiff7.) [bjorng]
--- 1.1.11 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
- Clicking the Cancel button in the file dialog for Mac OS X
would cause a hard crash. (Thanks to ycarry.) [bjorng]
- Wings have had the _hole_ material for a long time to fake
holes by marking faces that should not be included when exporting.
This release introduce the command Face|Hole to create a holes
that looks like holes also in the Geometry window.
To remove a hole, select a face adjacent to the hole and RMB
click on the Face|Hole command to create a face to cover the
When loading old .wings files, all faces containing the _hole_
material will be converted to the new type of hole.
If you load a .wings file saved with this version of Wings in
an old release, the holes will become hidden faces, but they
will NOT have the _hole_ material (i.e. they will not behave
as holes when exported). [bjorng]
- The Turn Edge command will now only turn edges that have
visible faces on both sides. In previous releases, it would happily
turn edges next to invisible faces (even edges making up the
virtual mirror face). [bjorng]
- Face|Extrude (on regions) could be slow if many faces were
selected in a pattern with many inner corners (e.g. the selection
obtained by first selecting a single face and then pressing
"F" repeatedly). [bjorng]
- Palette window: Fixed crash and made the scan command aware
of the selection mode. (Thanks to Fonteboa and Deerwood.) [dgud]
- Added an edge filter. Original idea and code from Ed Kolis. [dgud]
- Yafray exporter:
* Changed default settings for Photon Spotlight.
* Added to Help info.
* Changed type for HDRI from HDRI to Image.
* Added .EXR to HDRI Background file browser.
* Added Prefilter option for Ambient light background. [oort]
--- 1.1.10 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
- Tools|Snap Image was broken in several ways. It will now
also preserve vertex colors. (Thanks to PuzzledPaul.) [bjorng]
- Attempting to extrude an edge between two isolated vertices
would cause a crash. [bjorng]
- Extrude in edge mode would distort UV coordinates and
vertex colors. That has been corrected. [bjorng]
- When the hemispherical shader was active, vertex colors was
shown even for materials that disabled vertex colors, provided
that the object had at least one material with vertex colors
enabled. [bjorng]
- Wings 1.1.9 (and would crash when attempting to open
a .wings file containing area lights saved by a previous version of
Wings. This has been corrected. Furthermore, when saving area
lights, they will be saved in the same way as in versions before
1.1.9. That means that a .wings file containing area lights saved
by this version of Wings cannot be opened by 1.1.9.x, but it can
be opened by older versions such as 1.0.1 and 1.1.8.
(Thanks to Micheus.) [bjorng]
- Autouv: Fixed Face|Project Unfold crash when every face in
the chart was selected. [dgud]
--- --------------------------------------------------------------------
- File dialogs would crash on Linux in the 1.1.9
release. [bjorn]
--- 1.1.9 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- Calculations of smoothing groups in the Wavefront exporter
could crash if there was two different edges between the same pair
of vertices. (Thanks to Siber for reporting this bug.)
For plugin developers: A new field, sg, containing an integer
representing the smoothing group has been added to the #e3d_face{}
record. Plug-ins using that record must be re-compiled. [bjorng]
- In the Smoothed Preview mode, changes to vertex colors or
UV coordinates would not be visible. (Thanks to FonteBoa.) [bjorng]
- Fixed the bugs in the View|Show Colors and View|Show Materials
reported by Micheus. Also made sure that a change to the vertex
color option of a material would immediately be seen in the
scene. [bjorng]
- Repeat cmds for Extrude now fixed. (Thanks to Fonte Boa). [optigon]
- Bevel for vertices now properly updates UV coordinates and
vertex colors dynamically during dragging. (In the Smoothed Preview
mode, the UV coordinates will only become correct when the drag
has finished.) [bjorng]
- If the workaround against disappearing text was enabled,
there would be crash when attempting to display any character
not included in the fonts, which could happen when using the
file dialog on Linux to browse a file system where the filenames
are encoded using UTF-8. (Thanks to mifth.) [bjorng]
- In the file dialog on Mac OS X, selecting a filename
containing non-US ASCII characters (such as the Swedish
letters Å, Ä, or Ö) would cause a hard crash. [bjorng]
- By default, the file dialog box for Linux now assumes
that filenames are encoded in UTF-8. There is a new checkbox
to revert to the previous behaviour (that is, to assume that
filenames are encoded in ISO latin1). [bjorng]
--- 1.1.8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- Switching to the Smoothed Preview mode would cause a crash
if there were any area lights in the scene. (Thanks to Micheus.)
- For plug-in developers: The new function wpa:version/0
returns the version string for Wings. [bjorng]
- Edit|Repeat (Ctrl+D) was broken since 1.1.3. Either it did nothing
at all or caused a crashed. (Thanks to optigon and deerwood.) [bjorng]
- Magnet Mask|Select bugs fixed. (Thanks to GetaVe and Fonte Boa). [optigon]
- Using one of the commands Show Colors, Show Materials, or
Show Textures in the View|Show sub-menu, the scene would not be
immediately updated to reflect the change. Furthermore, if
Show Colors was turned off and there was an object with vertex
colors in the scene, there would be a crash. [bjorng]
- AutoUV used to hold a copy of the scene to be able to
generate a texture with vertex colors or materials.
This extra scene copy has been eliminated. When doing the initial
UV mapping of an object without previous UV coordinates, the
materials on the object will be converted to vertex colors (this
will only be done if there are no previous vertex colors in the
object AND if the object has non-default materials). The vertex
colors in the object can later be used to generate a texture.
With this change, vertex colors generated by the Ambient Occlusion
command can now be baked into a texture. [bjorng]
- If the material 'default' in a .wings file does not have exactly
the same properties as the 'default' material in Wings, the material
itself would be renamed to something else (typically 'default2'),
but the material for the faces that used the material would NOT
be assigned the new name. [bjorng]
- The object mode (vertex color/material) for objects has
been eliminated.
Instead materials have a Vertex Colors setting that can be
"Ignore" (don't use vertex colors; default for new materials),
"Set" (to use vertex colors instead of the colors in the material),
and "Multiply" (to multiply vertex colors with the diffuse texture).
The material "default" has "Set" as the value for the "Vertex Colors"
property, meaning that if you assign vertex colors to face having
the "default" material, the vertex colors will be visible.
There is a new command (with a sub-menu) in the body mode menu called
"Vertex Attributes".
When opening a .wings file written by Wings 1.1.7 or earlier, the
object modes for the objects in the file will be ignored. If there
are vertex colors, they will be visible on faces that have
the 'default' material assigned. For faces with other materials,
the colors or textures in the material will be shown (even if
the object was in vertex color mode).
When saving a .wings file in this version of Wings and opening
it in an older version of Wings, all objects will be in
material mode (even if they have vertex colors).
For plug-in writers: #we.mode has been removed. It also means that
plug-ins that use #we{} needs to be re-compiled. [bjorng]
--- 1.1.7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- In rare circumstances, the progress bar could reach 1.0
(the far end) even if the operation was not finished and cause
Wings to crash hard. (Thanks to deerwood.) [bjorng]
- The smooth proxy is now updated directly when invoking
interactive commands. [dgud]
- New Feature: Create Bounding Box added to the primitives menu. [optigon]
- Scale to Bounding Box selections now keep their original centre. [optigon]
- Turn Edge now preserves Hard Edges. (Thanks to BlackHarmo). [optigon]
- New Feature: Select|Edge Loop|To Complete Loops turns any selection
into an edge loop selection. Works from all selection modes and is based on
the request by deerwood to be able to extend loops beyond where they stop
when using the regular Edge Loop command (L). [optigon]
- Dissolve and Collapse cmds now delete wholly selected efficiently. [optigon]
- Shared vertices are now eliminated on import. (The
modeling commands in Wings does not allow creating of shared
vertices (also called waists), i.e. faces that only share vertices
but no edges, so it should not be allowed on import.) [bjorng]
- When displaying objects that have a virtual mirror face in
the smooth preview mode (i.e. turning off workmode by pressing TAB),
the seam between the real part of the object and mirror image will
now be soft. The Smooth command (and the Smooth Proxy mode) will
still sub-divide faces around the virtual mirror face as if the
edges were hard, so Smoothing before freezing the mirror and
after freezing may still not give exactly the same result
(how close the result is depends on the object; for some objects
the difference may not be noticeable). [bjorng]
- New Feature: Magnet Mask Deselect - Subtracts locked elements from
the current selection. (Thanks to Fonte Boa) [metadave, optigon]
Magnet Mask Select - fixed: Adds locked elements to current selection.
(Thanks to Fonte Boa). [optigon]
--- 1.1.6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- Re-exporting an imported model with tesselation could
cause a crash. Also, when importing objects that had UV coordinates
on some faces but not all, UV coordinates would be discarded
on both side of edges that only had UV coordinates on one side.
(Thanks to Siber.) [bjorng]
- Separating, then Combining an object with vertex
attributes would cause a crash. (Thanks to zdarby.) [bjorng]
- Smoothing objects with hidden faces would crash. [bjorng]
- The command Select By|Id would crash in body mode. [bjorng]
- Eliminate selection glitches where elements behind a face
could be selected through the face. (Thanks to deerwood.) [bjorng]
- Wings would freeze if there were empty objects in the
scene. (Empty objects can only be created by import or possibly
by a plug-in, as the core Wings commands will delete an object
that becomes empty.) [bjorng]
- The Ambient Occlusion plugin will now correctly
ignore hidden or locked objects. [scorpius]
- Some fixes and improvements to Edge|Circularise. Open edge loops
should process more uniformly. (Thanks to puzzledpaul). [optigon]
- Warp mouse to proper position follow drag in Tweak. [optigon]
- Toggling xyz constraints in tweak wouldn't update the info line.
Now fixed. [optigon]
- Tweak Slide would not work correctly for single edges and
would not work at all for selections of two unconnected vertices.
Now fixed. (Thanks to Fonte Boa.) [optigon]
- Tweak Slide would not stop at edges. Also made some
optimisations. [optigon]
--- 1.1.5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- Fixed Tweak drag Normal. (Thanks to Fonte Boa). [optigon]
- Moving or duplicating a light in body mode would cause
a crash on the next attempt to select anything.
(Thanks to extrudeface.) [bjorng]
- Marquee selection would selected locked vertices or edges.
(Thanks to ycarry.) [bjorng]
- Select|Similar is now faster if the initial selection
contains elements that are similar to each other.
(Thanks to Ran13.) [bjorng]
- The Wavefront (OBJ) exporter now tries to minimize
the number of smoothing groups. (Thanks to Ran13.) [bjorng]
- Fixed loading models when in smooth-preview mode.
Reported by Ran13. [dgud]
- There is a major internal change in how vertex attributes
(i.e. vertex colors and UV coordinates that are associated with
a vertex in a particular face) are handled.
Vertex attributes used to be stored in the edge table (with
two words per edge always reserved for vertex attributes)
and each vertex could have EITHER a vertex color or
UV coordinates.
Vertex attributes are now stored by themeselves. Objects
without vertex attributes will consume less memory (two
words per edge less than in previous releases). Each
vertex can now have both a vertex color and UV coordinates.
The wings file format should be completely compatible. If
you load a wings file containing an object with both vertex
colors and UV coordinates into an older release of Wings,
only the UV coordinates will be kept. (If you resave such
a file from an older version of Wings, the vertex colors
will be permanently lost.)
Most commands have not been updated yet to take full
advantage of the new vertex attribute implementation. So
while Ambient Occlusion will preserve existing UV coordinates,
there is no way yet to show vertex colors at the same time
as textures.
You can use the commands "Material Mode" and "Vertex Color Mode" in
the body mode menu to switch between seeing materials/textures and
vertex colors. (The commands are not new, but there were few
situations in which they were needed in previous releases of Wings.)
In a future release, we will probably eliminate those commands and
extend materials so that you can choose whether vertex colors,
materials/textures, or a mixture of both should be shown.
Performance seems to be about the same if there are no
vertex attributes, but somewhat slower for models with
vertex attributes.
For developers: Plug-ins using #edge.a and #edge.b will not
compile. Instead use the new wings_va module that provides an API
to the vertex attributes. I have tried to comment each
exported function in the API. [bjorng]
--- --------------------------------------------------------------------
- Having wireframe on and workmode off would cause a
crash. (Thanks to Siber.) [bjorng]
- Select By|Vertices With could select hidden vertices
(i.e. vertices surrounded only by hidden faces). Similarly,
Select By|Random could select hidden edges or vertices,
and Select By|Short Edges and Select By|Sharp Edges could
select hidden edges. [bjorng]
- The Wavefront (OBJ) exporter will now export smoothing
groups based on the hard edges in the model. [bjorng]
- For developers: There is a new module wings_va
which is ultimately meant to encapsulate the details
of how vertex attributes (i.e. vertex colors and UV
coordinates) are stored. In this release, wings_va has
an API mostly for retrieving vertex attributes (i.e.
it does not yet handle updating of vertex attributes).
In particular, all functions in wings_face that could
retrieve vertex attributes (such as vinfo_ccw/2 and
fold_vinfo/4) have been removed. [bjorng]
--- 1.1.4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- For developers: Release notes to be included in a release
should no longer be directly added to NOTES-1.1 files, but
instead be written into the check-in comment. Everything in
a comment from "NOTE:" (without the quotations marks) at
the beginning of a line to the end of the check-in comment,
will be included in the release notes.
To extract the release notes, run the script tools/extract_notes.
It will extract and print all notes for all commits after
the tag for the latest release. [bjorng]
- The Edge Ring command (Select|Edge Loop|Edge Ring) would
select edges between hidden faces. [bjorng]
- Selection (finding out which face is under the mouse
cursor) used to be done using a special selection render
mode in OpenGL. However, this mode does not work well
in all OpenGL drivers. Therefore I have implemented my
own code for selection handling in C as a driver for the
Erlang emulator. (Thanks to FonteBoa for testing.) [bjorng]
- The proxy mode has been optimized by using vertex arrays. [dgud]
--- 1.1.3 --------------------------------------------------------------------
- Torsten Manz updated the German translation. [bjorng]
- Menu Cleanup: Consolidated Extrude with Extrude Region and Extract Region with
Extract Faces. Since there is now only one heading each for Extrude and
Extract, the mouse buttons that activate specific commands have been changed.
Please see the related info lines for details. [optigon]
- Crash when using Shift Spherical (mmb option) now fixed.
(Thanks to Fonte Boa.) [optigon]
- Edge|Collapse now deletes edges more uniformly than the previous
implementation. Also, a Rmb option has been added to automatically cleanup
any newly created isolated vertices resulting from the collapse edges.
(Thanks to deerwood and Fonte Boa). [optigon]
- On OpenGL implementations without support for multisampling,
there would be (harmless) error messages written to the console
Develop|OpenGL Errors had been turned on. Changed to only
attempt to use multisampling if the OpenGL implementation supports
it, and no longer showing the checkbox in the preferences for
turning on/off multisampling if the OpenGL implementation does
not support it. [bjorng]
- If a command executed through a hotkey causes an error,
a dialog box with some help will be shown. [bjorng]
- Major rewrite of how geometry data is sent to OpenGL. We used
to have a specially written driver, but for future compatibility
we cannot use a driver. Instead we use vertex arrays.
This is the first step in this direction and we expect to do
further optimizations. For the moment, some display updates
can be slower and some can be faster than before.
As part of this change, the OpenGL renderer has been removed.
Sorry for any inconvenience, but it had to go. [dgud & bjorng]
- This release uses R13B01. A bug fix in the array module in R13B01
eliminates a crash that occurred when all edges in an object
were dissolved. [bjorng]
- This development release also includes all bug fixes in the 1.0.1 release.
--- 1.1.2 --------------------------------------------------------------------
- Select Similar Normals with the option Connected Faces Only and
a selection comprising multiple objects would cause a crash.
(Thanks to pauljs75.) [bjorng]
- Using the Slide command with Clean (Ctrl+Alt+L) would crash.
(Thanks to gordo.) [bjorng]
- AutoUV: Doing ReMap UV and choosing Strech Optimization would
cause a crash. (Thanks to betelguese.) [bjorng]
- When creating a texture from vertex colors in the AutoUV window, the
colors will be properly interpolated (smoothed). [scorpius]
- Keyboard events in Tweak while dragging could cause slow downs. Now Fixed.
(Thanks to Fonte Boa.) [optigon]
- Additional Geometry Windows can now be closed from within Tweak mode.
(Thanks to Fonte Boa.) [optigon]
- Dragging in Tweak is no longer limited to the size of the current window.
- Conflicts due to mouse events in adjacent Geometry Windows have been solved by
locking the focus to the original window during paint selection and dragging
in Tweak Mode. (Thanks to Fonte Boa.) [optigon]
- New Tweak option to set Tweak Magnet Increment. [optigon]
- Spherical UV mapping corrected. [dgud]
- There are two new commands in the optional Develop menu:
* Develop|OpenGL Errors to check for and display OpenGL errors after
each command.
* Develop|Print Scene Size to print the scene size.
Also, the existing commands Time Commands and Undo Stat now handle
plug-in commands properly.
The command Tools|Memory Info has been removed. [bjorng]
- New in Tools menu: Ambient-Occlusion Generator/Baker. It works on a per-
vertex basis and uses a standard inside-out approach. Mesh subdivision
yields more accuracy. The results are stored in the vertex-colors and can
also be baked to a texture through AutoUV. [scorpius]
- Extended Shift plugin to work in all selection modes. [optigon]
- New Plugin: Extract Faces. Like Extract Region but extracts individual faces.
--- 1.1.1 -------------------------------------------------------------------
- The data structure for the vertex tables has been changed.
(There is one vertex table to keep track of the vertex positions,
and another vertex table used for finding edges and face around
the vertex.) The new data structure is faster and uses less memory.
- When displaying vertices and edges, a feature in OpenGL called vertex
arrays is used to faster transfer the data from Wings into OpenGL.
This way of displaying geometry is slightly faster than the previous
method. [dgud, bjorng]
- ESDL updated to 1.0.1. (The next release in the 1.1 series will probably
not work without that version of ESDL.) [bjorng]
- Magnets are now drawn correctly in Tweak when selections across multiple
objects are dragged. [optigon]
- Selectings multiple objects in Tweak and calling a command via a hotkey would
only affect one of the objects. Now corrected. [optigon]
- Crash reported by Fonte Boa corrected. [optigon]
- Tweak mode temporary selection fix. [optigon]
--- 1.1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
- Added a new preference in the Misc tab to turn on a Develop menu
containing various tools for the Wings developers. [bjorng]
- Added a command to the new Develop menu to automatically time
all executed commands. The command name and time will be printed
to the console. [bjorng]
- Added a command to the new Develop menu to automatically print
out information about the undo queue. [bjorng]
- The data structure for the edge table has been changed. The new
data structure is faster and uses less memory. Approximately 4
words (1 word = 4 bytes) per edge is saved.
Plug-ins that depend on the edge table being a gb_tree will not
work. More details can be found in the Change log (which follows
these notes at Sourceforge). [bjorng, optigon]
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