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--- 1.3.2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- Body|Combine and Weld would crash when magnet mask data present.
Now fixed. (Thanks to spacemanspiff7) [optigon]
- Edge|Circularise|MMB now handles multiple open edge loops. [optigon]
- Menu Toolbar pref added for mouse snap behaviour. [optigon]
- Some window properties were not being loaded. Now fixed. [optigon]
- New Feature: Select|Deselect Previous subtracts the previous
selection from current selection. [optigon]
- Edge|Dissolve has been modified to succeed more often. [optigon]
- Added pref to use larger icons for the Menu Toolbar. [optigon]
- New Feature: Edge|Flow Connect connects edges with respect to
the angles of the surrounding geometry. [optigon]
- Shell Extrude fix. Could crash if extruded in wireframe.
(Thanks to Fonte Boa) [optigon]
- A bug in the tweak keyboard event handler has been fixed where
key up events were being recognised when they shouldn't.
(Thanks to Fonte Boa) [optigon]
- Body|Weld could crash. Now fixed, (Thanks to Stem) [optigon]
- Circularise RMB fix attempting to ensure that all arcs go in the
same direction. [optigon]
- Select by Material from Outliner would not respect face and
object permissions. Now fixed. (Thanks to BlackHarmo) [optigon]
- Added dialogs to Select|By|Face With and Vertices With. [optigon]
- Select|Similar Materials now remembers if you selected Vertex
Colors or Materials. [optigon]
- When there is a Hole or Hidden Face(s) in an object and also
View|Show Backfaces is checked, selections will now include backfaces.
- Removed prefs to simplify interface. [optgon]
- Intrude could crash on objects with VM. Now fixed.
(Thanks to Fonte Boa) [optigon]
- Changes to Select|Less when dealing with Faces. Now respects
Virtual Mirror. Algorithm has been modified slightly to give better
results. [optigon]
- Some fixes to Sculpt mode. [optigon]
- Sweep Normal removed. Sweep virtual mirror handling improved, [optigon]
- For Developers: Using Toolbar to reload modules won't clear selection.
- Cancelling drag before moving the mouse when model is proxy
smoothed could crash. Now fixed. [optigon]
- Shell Extrude had a bug that stopped it from being able to handle
multiple regions at once. Now fixed. (Thanks to BlackHarmo) [optigon]
- Sometimes Body Weld would crash. Now an error message is displayed
for unresolvable welds. (Thanks to Fonte Boa) [optigon]
- Tweak fixes including:
-Rollup Palette would rollup Tweak Palette.
-Tweak Axis Constraints would not toggle properly.
-Code cleanup to improve font handling.
(Thanks to BlackHarmo and Fonte Boa) [optigon]
- Face|Hide now works like the Hole command. The left mouse button
hides selected faces, and the right mouse button unhides any hidden
adjacent face. Also, some wording changes to make the hide/unhide
routines more clear. [optigon]
- Changes to image import to return error when image exceeds
graphics card limitations. [Micheus]
- Added translation macros to the Ambient Occlusion plugin.
(Thanks to szzz) [optigon]
- New Fonts: Wings now includes CJK fonts which support
Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Helvetica and Terminus fonts
have also been added to offer some larger font sizes for
accessibility reasons.
To support the character sets in excess of 40 000 glyphs required
for Asian language support, changes had to be made to the Wings font
handler. Large font maps could cause slowdown, so now Wings uses a
glyph accumulator to store only the glyphs required for the interface.
Some further memory gains were afforded by only loading the fonts
being used instead of all of them. Wings always required a restart
to load a new font anyway, so no change to the user experience
should be noticed.
Thanks to iskunk for lending his time and expertise this effort.
Those interested in adding translations to Wings can inquire on the
Official Development Forum. Current efforts include a translation in
Simplified Chinese by szzz, and Korean translation by korea3d.
--- 1.3.1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- Added a 'wings_convert' script which can convert 3d files
without starting wings. Requires an erlang install (and escript
in your path) and a wings install. On windows run with
c:/path/to/erlang/bin/escript /path/to/wings_convert --help [dgud]
- AutoUV: Added a simple world space normal shader. [dgud]
- Added Select|Edge Loop|Select Nth Ring. [optigon]
- New Feature: Body|Explode scales objects from a defined center.
Includes standard and user axes, uniform, and radial axis options.
(Thanks to ggaliens for the idea) [optigon]
- New Feature: Rollup any window by clicking on its titlebar.
The main Geometry window behaves differently and doesn't rollup.
Instead, it moves from the foreground to the background, either
covering or revealing any coexisting windows. [optigon]
- AutoUV: Added Move Horizontal and Vertical. [optigon]
- The arrow key and scroll wheel pan speed preferences have
been changed to offer a more useful range of adjustment. [optigon]
- Minor changes to Tools|Connect to allow consecutive vertices
to be placed on the same edge. [optigon]
- Select|By|Sharp Edges now allows you to specify Peaks,
Valleys, or Both. [optigon]
- Bug fix for Select Vertices with 6 or more edges. (Thanks to
ggaliens). [optigon]
- For Developers: Added Show Cursor to the Develop menu. In cases
where the cursor disappears during a crash, use this option to bring
it back into view. I suggest hotkeying it so you don't have to fumble
blindly to the menu. [optigon]
- Edge|Flatten (lmb) updated to recognize Edge groups instead of
flattening to a common center. Also new, Edge|Flatten|Edge Loops,
flattens any selected closed edge loop to it normal. [optigon]
- New Feature: Edge|Crease makes a stylized extrusion, commonly
used for adding details such as wrinkles to organic models. [optigon]
- New View Along Axis option to set the view to the Nearest Axis
whether that be X, Y, Z, or -X, -Y, -Z. Might be useful for those who
would like to reduce their overall number of hotkeys and use one
instead of six for axis navigation. [optigon]
- New Feature: Select|Edge Loop while in vertex mode will now
convert consecutive vertices to edges. [optigon]
- AutoUV: Added Edge|Circularise to AutoUV. [optigon]
- New Feature: Vertex|Grid Snap takes a vertex selection and snaps
each vertex to the closest point on a virtual grid as you drag to
increase or decrease the grid's increment. [optigon]
- Position Highlight for Point light crash fixed. (Thank to
Fonte Boa) [optigon]
- Build fixes. On some systems, is named
and on others makeself, also they can reside in /usr/bin or
/usr/local/bin. Tried to catch all cases. [giniu]
- In the Tools menu, Snap Image and Screenshot have been extended
in several useful ways. It is now possible to take a screenshot of
just the main viewport. Coupled with this feature are changes to
Snap Image, which now has options to Fit the image to the viewport's
dimensions. This new combination of features allows for better
projection painting workflows using a 2d painting program like Gimp.
The new Screenshot features are available through in its options
dialog. You can also save the current view to the Saved Views at
the same time and with the same name as the screenshot so that they
can be aligned later. Additionally, one can now scale the snap image
proportionally to its current x or y value, or reset the snap image
to its actual size. Also, when exporting or making an image external
from the Outliner, the image name will automatically update in the
Outliner to the filename you save it as. [optigon]
- Add workaround option for mouse grab problems on linux.
See option in preferences/misc. [dgud]
- Sweep extrusion normal fix. [optigon]
- New Feature: Edge|Corner takes an edge selection and adds corner
geometry to any edges bordered by a 3 and 5 sided face. Then, adjust
the tension before finalizing the corner. [optigon]
- New Feature: Plane Cut for Vertex, Face, and Body mode. Pick
the plane and point for the cut, or slice the selection into even
sections. Face and Body mode include a Loop Cut option. [optigon]
- Added .svg importer to convert 2d vector drawings to 3d. [optigon]
- Plugin Manager and menu format fixes. [optigon]
- Welding objects with only two faces could crash. (Thanks to
Fonte Boa). [optigon]
- The "Scene Info: Area & Volume" command (in the tools menu)
has been cosmetically improved and now properly displays the info
in a multiple-column tabular-format, which is much easier to read. [scorpius]
- Mirroring a mirrored object could crash. Now fixed. (Thanks
to Fonte Boa) [optigon]
- Image Planes are now created with a slight thickness and all
their edges set to hard. [optigon]
- Face|Bridge has been extended to connect any two face regions
regardless of how many faces or vertices they each have. [optigon]
- New View item to toggle Show Backfaces. [optigon]
- Saved selection groups have been updated to allow Cycling
via hotkey, and this feature can be set to cycle only within the
current selection mode. I also added some selection group deletion
options. One option deletes all saved groups, and the other deletes
only those groups that are corrupt. [optigon]
- I have changed the mouse buttons that perform secondary drag
operations. For instance, Move|Free has an option to drag in the
direction of the screen normal, and this option was bound to MMB.
Now it is activated by holding LMB instead. Simiar changes were
made to all the other tools that use a single secondary drag
parameter. Also, introducing Hold LMB into the mix, allowed me to
make Face|Sweep fully articulated between all four drag parameters
(Extrude, Angle, Scale, and Rotation). [optigon]
- New Feature: Tools|Sculpt allows you to Push, Pull, Pinch, or
Smooth geometry by dragging the the mouse over your model. There
are Magnets and Strength parameters but it should be noted that
this tool does not attempt to compare with other specialty
sculpting programs. [optigon]
- Rewrite of Tweak to integrate it into the Wings core. [optigon]
- New interface features including:
- A Menu Toolbar with icons for undo/redo, repeat last command,
changing selection modes, and opening the Select or Tools
menus can be switched on/off via Preferences|User Interface.
- A new facility for saving and loading preferences from and
into your current session, has been added to the File menu.
These new preference subsets are appended with the .pref
extension, and are saved separately from your 'master' Wings
preference file. Additionally, both the Save and Load dialogs
allow you to choose from preference catagories you'd like
to load or save from: hotkeys, graphical elements, etc.
- New icons for the Outliner and Geometry Graph that allow you
to use custom colors for how they look. These icons can be
switched on in Preferences|User Interface.
- Added canned color themes. Switch between them in Edit|Themes.
- The Geometry Graph now has folders and objects are stored
alphabetically. You can create, rename, move objects between
folders, and expand and contract them. You can also toggle
wireframe, visibility, locking, and selections just within a
folders pressing MMB on the Object, Eye, Lock, and Wireframe
- Added menu clipping. With all the additions to Wings over the
years, the menus have been getting too long for smaller screens.
To help the situation, I added a preference to set the Maximum
Menu Height in pixels under the Misc tab in the Preferences.
The default is set to 0, which auto clips menus to fit in the
main Geometry window.
- FBX plugin no longer supported, and removed from the wings source. [optigon]
- The Windows make_installer has been changed to use the vcredist
included with Erlang and to work solely with Msys. [optigon]
- Edge|Circularise MMB fix. Center calculated incorrectly. [optigon]
--- 1.3.0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- New Feature: Rotate|Unconstrained is a trackball style rotation tool
contributed by ania, complete with magnets, user input rotation points,
and accessibility from all selection modes. [Anna Celarek]
- Added Conditional Deselection option to improve Smart Highlighting. When
checked, Deselect only enables Smart Highlighting when there is no selection,
otherwise the selection is cleared with the selection mode maintained.
- Secondary selection Vectors now disregard the Virtual Mirror face, as they
should. [optigon]
- The Select|By tools have been extended to search for elements within the
current selection, or if there is no selection, to search all visible objects.
In addition, Random now has a user input field. [optigon]
- Fix to restore maximized Wings layout on MS Windows. [optigon]
- Fixed a small StereoLithography export bug. [scorpius]
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