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Björn Gustavsson bjorng authored
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+--- 1.1.5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
+- Fixed Tweak drag Normal. (Thanks to Fonte Boa). [optigon]
+- Moving or duplicating a light in body mode would cause
+ a crash on the next attempt to select anything.
+ (Thanks to extrudeface.) [bjorng]
+- Marquee selection would selected locked vertices or edges.
+ (Thanks to ycarry.) [bjorng]
+- Select|Similar is now faster if the initial selection
+ contains elements that are similar to each other.
+ (Thanks to Ran13.) [bjorng]
+- The Wavefront (OBJ) exporter now tries to minimize
+ the number of smoothing groups. (Thanks to Ran13.) [bjorng]
+- Fixed loading models when in smooth-preview mode.
+ Reported by Ran13. [dgud]
+- There is a major internal change in how vertex attributes
+ (i.e. vertex colors and UV coordinates that are associated with
+ a vertex in a particular face) are handled.
+ Vertex attributes used to be stored in the edge table (with
+ two words per edge always reserved for vertex attributes)
+ and each vertex could have EITHER a vertex color or
+ UV coordinates.
+ Vertex attributes are now stored by themeselves. Objects
+ without vertex attributes will consume less memory (two
+ words per edge less than in previous releases). Each
+ vertex can now have both a vertex color and UV coordinates.
+ The wings file format should be completely compatible. If
+ you load a wings file containing an object with both vertex
+ colors and UV coordinates into an older release of Wings,
+ only the UV coordinates will be kept. (If you resave such
+ a file from an older version of Wings, the vertex colors
+ will be permanently lost.)
+ Most commands have not been updated yet to take full
+ advantage of the new vertex attribute implementation. So
+ while Ambient Occlusion will preserve existing UV coordinates,
+ there is no way yet to show vertex colors at the same time
+ as textures.
+ You can use the commands "Material Mode" and "Vertex Color Mode" in
+ the body mode menu to switch between seeing materials/textures and
+ vertex colors. (The commands are not new, but there were few
+ situations in which they were needed in previous releases of Wings.)
+ In a future release, we will probably eliminate those commands and
+ extend materials so that you can choose whether vertex colors,
+ materials/textures, or a mixture of both should be shown.
+ Performance seems to be about the same if there are no
+ vertex attributes, but somewhat slower for models with
+ vertex attributes.
+ For developers: Plug-ins using #edge.a and #edge.b will not
+ compile. Instead use the new wings_va module that provides an API
+ to the vertex attributes. I have tried to comment each
+ exported function in the API. [bjorng]
--- --------------------------------------------------------------------
- Having wireframe on and workmode off would cause a
crash. (Thanks to Siber.) [bjorng]
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