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+--- 1.1.7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
+- In rare circumstances, the progress bar could reach 1.0
+ (the far end) even if the operation was not finished and cause
+ Wings to crash hard. (Thanks to deerwood.) [bjorng]
+- The smooth proxy is now updated directly when invoking
+ interactive commands. [dgud]
+- New Feature: Create Bounding Box added to the primitives menu. [optigon]
+- Scale to Bounding Box selections now keep their original centre. [optigon]
+- Turn Edge now preserves Hard Edges. (Thanks to BlackHarmo). [optigon]
+- New Feature: Select|Edge Loop|To Complete Loops turns any selection
+ into an edge loop selection. Works from all selection modes and is based on
+ the request by deerwood to be able to extend loops beyond where they stop
+ when using the regular Edge Loop command (L). [optigon]
+- Dissolve and Collapse cmds now delete wholly selected efficiently. [optigon]
+- Shared vertices are now eliminated on import. (The
+ modeling commands in Wings does not allow creating of shared
+ vertices (also called waists), i.e. faces that only share vertices
+ but no edges, so it should not be allowed on import.) [bjorng]
+- When displaying objects that have a virtual mirror face in
+ the smooth preview mode (i.e. turning off workmode by pressing TAB),
+ the seam between the real part of the object and mirror image will
+ now be soft. The Smooth command (and the Smooth Proxy mode) will
+ still sub-divide faces around the virtual mirror face as if the
+ edges were hard, so Smoothing before freezing the mirror and
+ after freezing may still not give exactly the same result
+ (how close the result is depends on the object; for some objects
+ the difference may not be noticeable). [bjorng]
+- New Feature: Magnet Mask Deselect - Subtracts locked elements from
+ the current selection. (Thanks to Fonte Boa) [metadave, optigon]
+ Magnet Mask Select - fixed: Adds locked elements to current selection.
+ (Thanks to Fonte Boa). [optigon]
--- 1.1.6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- Re-exporting an imported model with tesselation could
cause a crash. Also, when importing objects that had UV coordinates

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