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Commits on Jul 17, 2009
  1. @bjorng
  2. @metadave @bjorng

    Refactoring, bug fixes and a new feature

    metadave committed with bjorng
    Renamed convert_sel/3 to convert_to_vs/3.
    Reorganized Magnet Mask menu. Moved Select|By|Magnet Mask to Magnet Mask menu.
    NOTE: New Feature: Magnet Mask Deselect - Subtracts locked elements from
    the current selection. (Thanks to Fonte Boa) [metadave, optigon]
    Magnet Mask Select - fixed: Adds locked elements to current selection.
    (Thanks to Fonte Boa). [optigon]
  3. @metadave @bjorng

    Fixed a bug where Deselecting would increase the selection size (with…

    metadave committed with bjorng
    … Optigon's assistance).
  4. @metadave @bjorng
  5. @metadave @bjorng
  6. @metadave @bjorng

    Added the Deselect menu item for Magnet Masks, which removes any vert…

    metadave committed with bjorng
    …s that are in a locked area from the current selection.
  7. @bjorng

    Hide the virtual mirror seam

    bjorng committed
    Calculate vertex normals (used in the non-work mode display)
    as if the mirror has been frozen.
    Most of the implementation is straightforward (and explained
    in comments). But there is one detail worth mentioning:
    We want to keep wings_we:normals() functional (i.e. the result
    should only depend on the arguments, not on other state such
    as the process dictionary). The problem is that we need the
    mirror matrix. We could calculate it from the scratch,
    but that seems wasteful since we know that it has already been
    calculated. Therefore, add another argument to wings_we:normals/2,
    making it wings_we:normals/3, where the new argument is the
    mirror matrix (or 'none').
    NOTE: When displaying objects that have a virtual mirror face in
    the smooth preview mode (i.e. turning off workmode by pressing TAB),
    the seam between the real part of the object and mirror image will
    now be soft. The Smooth command (and the Smooth Proxy mode) will
    still sub-divide faces around the virtual mirror face as if the
    edges were hard, so Smoothing before freezing the mirror and
    after freezing may still not give exactly the same result
    (how close the result is depends on the object; for some objects
    the difference may not be noticeable). [bjorng]
  8. @bjorng

    3DS import: Avoid assigning the same material more than once to the s…

    bjorng committed
    …ame face
    Multiple materials per face are not handled in other parts of
    Wings (yet), so we should avoid creating them without a good
    Also turn off debug printouts.
  9. @bjorng

    Import: Remove shared vertices by duplicating them

    bjorng committed
    Wings' modeling commands does not allowing creation of
    non-manifold geometry. However, when importing a model,
    it is possible to create shared vertices (a vertex that
    is shared by geometry that does not share an edge).
    Rewrite wings_we:build/2 to eliminate shared vertices
    by duplicating them.
    Also change wings_we:build/2 to return the atom 'error'
    when it encounters an error, instead of throwing an exception,
    and change the import to stop catching errors because it
    can hide bugs.
    NOTE: Shared vertices are now eliminated on import. (The
    modeling commands in Wings does not allow creating of shared
    vertices (also called waists), i.e. faces that only share vertices
    but no edges, so it should not be allowed on import.) [bjorng]
  10. @bjorng

    Break out the code for constructing a new #we{} to a new module

    bjorng committed
    The wings_we moduleis already quite big, and we intend to add
    more functionality wings_we:build/2 soon. Keep wings_we:build/2
    as the API function, but move the actual implementation to
  11. @bjorng
  12. @bjorng

    NOTE: Dissolve and Collapse cmds now delete wholly selected efficient…

    Richard Jones committed with bjorng
    …ly. [optigon]
  13. @bjorng

    NOTE: New Feature: Select|Edge Loop|To Complete Loops turns any selec…

    Richard Jones committed with bjorng
    into an edge loop selection. Works from all selection modes and is based on
    the request by deerwood to be able to extend loops beyond where they stop
    when using the regular Edge Loop command (L). [optigon]
  14. @bjorng

    NOTE: Turn Edge now preserves Hard Edges. (Thanks to BlackHarmo). [op…

    Richard Jones committed with bjorng
  15. @bjorng

    NOTE: Scale to Bounding Box selections now keep their original centre…

    Richard Jones committed with bjorng
    …. [optigon]
  16. @bjorng

    NOTE: New Feature: Create Bounding Box added to the primitives menu. …

    Richard Jones committed with bjorng
  17. @dgud @bjorng

    Fixed smooth proxy, all involved faces are now updated during drag an…

    dgud committed with bjorng
    …d I fixed
    virtual mirror crash.
  18. @bjorng

    Fix trashing of display lists

    bjorng committed
    Lists with arbitrary integers must be protected within a
    tuple to not be confused with display lists.
  19. @bjorng

    Don't crash on hidden faces

    bjorng committed
  20. @dgud @bjorng

    Optimized proxy preview during drag commands.

    dgud committed with bjorng
    I have seen both a crash and weird drag state as Getave reported
    but I haven't been able to reproduce them and have not solved
    them yet.
  21. @dgud @bjorng
  22. @dgud @bjorng

    Fixed proxy smooth bug, which de-activated the proxy when selecting s…

    dgud committed with bjorng
    I think this caused the other bug as well.
    I havn't been able to reproduce it afterwards.
  23. @dgud @bjorng

    Update smooth-proxy during drag

    dgud committed with bjorng
    It still is slow for models with ~5000 faces.
    NOTE: The smooth proxy is now updated directly when invoking
    interactive commands. [dgud]
  24. @dgud @bjorng

    Request correct opengl buffer sizes

    dgud committed with bjorng
  25. @dgud @bjorng
  26. @dgud @bjorng
  27. @dgud @bjorng

    Wings can now be run using wx

    dgud committed with bjorng
    All code that directly called one of the sdl* modules
    have been changed to use wings_io instead.
    From now on, please keep all code clean of SDL functionality.
    Use wings_io and if the functionality doesn't exist add it to
    wings_io and wings_io_sdl.erl.
    Wings now compiles and basicly works with wx
    (with an unreleased development release of R13B02).
    A default build will still use ESDL.
  28. @bjorng

    Merge branch 'master' into next

    bjorng committed
  29. @bjorng

    Cleaner handling of fatal errors

    bjorng committed
    If the main Wings process crashed, there is a meaningless
    stacktrace in the wings_crash.dump file because of an unsuccessful
    attempt to translate error message strings. Do not bother
    with the translation and make sure no stacktrace information
    at all is written if we don't have a stacktrace.
  30. @bjorng

    Eliminate crash in the progress bar process

    bjorng committed
    Also use timer:now_diff/2 instead of our own now_diff/2
    (timer:now_diff/2 was not exported when this module was
    first implemented, but now it is).
    NOTE: In rare circumstances, the progress bar could reach 1.0
    (the far end) even if the operation was not finished and cause
    Wings to crash hard. (Thanks to deerwood.) [bjorng]
Commits on Jul 11, 2009
  1. @bjorng

    Generate release notes

    bjorng committed
  2. @bjorng

    NOTE: Tweak Slide would not stop at edges. Also made some

    Richard Jones committed with bjorng
    optimisations. [optigon]
  3. @bjorng

    NOTE: Tweak Slide would not work correctly for single edges and

    Richard Jones committed with bjorng
    would not work at all for selections of two unconnected vertices.
    Now fixed. (Thanks to Fonte Boa.) [optigon]
  4. @bjorng

    NOTE: Toggling xyz constraints in tweak wouldn't update the info line.

    Richard Jones committed with bjorng
    Now fixed. [optigon]
  5. @bjorng

    Small change to place the cursor 20 pixel inside the border of the wi…

    Richard Jones committed with bjorng
    …ndow otherwise dragging past the bottom or right hand side of the window would end up hiding the mouse.
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