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Miscellaneous Sublime Text plugins and scripts
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Packages Merge pull request #2 from esteele/master
.gitignore Build systems
Base File.sublime-settings Remove file with password
Buildout - Current file.sublime-build Build systems
Buildout.sublime-build Build systems
Default (OSX).sublime-keymap Remove file with password
Espresso Soda.tmTheme More config files
Espresso.tmTheme Copies of current config + ad-hoc plugins
Global.sublime-settings More config files
Monokai Soda.tmTheme
Preferences.sublime-settings Remove file with password
Python.sublime-settings Set ruler Missing plugin Copies of current config + ad-hoc plugins Remove bogus comment
mkcodeintel Copies of current config + ad-hoc plugins
mr.developer rebuild.sublime-build Build systems Fix nonzero check
reStructuredText.sublime-build More config files
reStructuredText.sublime-settings More config files
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