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Surface manipulation and mesh morphing library
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About mimmo

mimmo is a C++ library for Manipulation and Morphing of surface/volume meshes (Open source).

The main aim of mimmo is to provide a framework of tools able to handle a tessellated geometry and quickly modify it. It relies on direct transformation, Radial Basis Function (RBF) and extended Free Form Deformation (eFFD) techniques to achieve it.

Many efforts are spent to make mimmo a flexible platform, able to adapt to any User problem/need, and open to any customization. Its inner structure is made by essential executable blocks, each one providing a basic feature, such as I/O handling, manipulating, selecting sub-portion of target geometries, etc... .

Blocks are connectable between each other through input/output ports, so that they can describe a morphing workflow, easily controllable by the User.

Further info available @ mimmo website


mimmo is released under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3.


To cite the mimmo library, please use this BibTeX entry:

  title = {{mimmo}: Surface manipulation and mesh morphing library},
  author = {Optimad engineering srl},
  note = {},
  year = {2015},


mimmo is developed and maintained by Optimad engineering srl.
Please contact Optimad office's mail for further info and details.


2015-2017 Optimad engineering srl.

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