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Historically the development of ojAlgo was motivated by various financial applications and finance (domain) specific code was an integral part of ojAlgo. Now the finance specfic code has been moved from the core project (ojAlgo) to its own project – ojAlgo-finance.

General information about ojAlgo and ojAlgo-finance is available at the project web site:


ojAlgo-finance is available at The Central (Maven) Repository to be used with your favourite dependency management tool.


Documentation and Support

User documentation and examples can be found at the ojAlgo wiki or at oj! Blog.

Programming questions related to ojAlgo-finance are best asked at stack overflow. Just remember to actually mention ojAlgo and tag the question using 'ojalgo' and whatever other tags you find suitable.

Bug reports and to some extent feature requests should be posted here at GitHub: (Please do not use GitHub Issues for general discussions or user support requests!)

The ojAlgo-user mailing list can be used for just about anything as long as it relates to ojAlgo. (Note that you have to be a member to post to that list!)

ojAlgo-finance is Open Source, and you are strongly encouraged to clone or fork this repository and work directly with the source code. The source code is (part of) the documentation, and you should read it. In particular in could be of interest to have a look at the test code.

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