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Here's a changelog covering the latest 10 releases, as well as what's done so far towards the next upcoming release.

Do NOT use anything deprecated - it will be removed very soon! Most of what was deprecated at the time of the last release has already been removed. Removing something that was already deprecated is not mentioned in the changelog. If you're lagging behind and need to update over several versions it is recommended that you upgrade incrementally to each intermediate version (and finally to the latest snapshot).

Older versions

The CVS repository at SourceForge contains unbroken history since project start 2003-04-16 up until the release of v42. All released versions (v1 to v42) have a tag/version in that repository. The naming convention for those tags have, however, changed over the years. Here's a table over tag names associted with the releases.

Release Version CVS tag/version
1 jar_1_0
2 jar_2
3 - 31 Version3, Version4, Version5 ... Version31
32 - 42 v32, v33, v34...
43 - ... CVS repository no longer updated